Families ask judge to stop federal raids on Long Island homes

Families ask judge to stop federal raids on Long Island homesBy LARRY NEUMEISTER | Associated Press Writer
6:36 PM EDT, October 5, 2007NEW YORK – Several Hispanic families and individuals asked a court Friday to stop immigration agents from barging into Long Island homes without proper authority in raids that have driven a wedge between the federal agents and local police.

It looks like there is no civility in the manner ICE is apprehending these suspects. We have to imagine that for ever person caught there were many more that were simply harassed for no reason. These are illegal immigrant after all. How does ICE know where to find them?

“The abusive and brutal nature of the latest ICE raids shows that ICE has no intention of abiding by constitutional mandates unless checked by the courts,” said Patrick Gennardo, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs. “We had no choice, but to seek the courts’ aid to protect our clients constitutional and civil rights during the course of the class action.”

Earlier this week, Long Island officials accused the agents of using a cowboy mentality by running roughshod over local police officers and even pointing their weapons at the officers as they tried to round up dozens of gang members during raids.

When the city officials are complaining about the way the raids are carried out there must be something wrong. If these ICE agents come from the pool of anti-immigrants I can only imagine their joy at breaking down doors and harassing Hispanic immigrants.


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