Native American Indians Call For Immigration Limits

From BS News
American Indians favor tighter immigration restrictions as the white men flood their shores.Sighting their fear that the Native American Indian will soon be a minority, in America, many Indians are calling for stricter immigration enforcement. Tribe leaders fear that at the current rate they will no longer be able to sustain the growing numbers of immigrants.
“We simply cannot save the world,” one tribe leader stated. “It’s not our job to ‘free’ everyone else on this planet from their current hardships. If they’re having problems in their country they should fix those problem rather than come here.”

I guess their immigration policies weren’t enforced very well and it was ok for us, in our benevolent past, to remove a people from their native land and send them into camps. So we forced our way onto this land, but do not want others to come here as we did. When I say we I do mean European “white” we as I am white and most of the anti-immigrant protestors are white.

What once were all white neighborhoods are now becoming mixed race neighborhoods and these anti-immigrants (and some racists) are finding any reason to explain why these people are making their neighborhoods bad. They claim they’re dirty, dumb, loud, and jam too many people in their houses.

Stephen Colbert, on his show The Colbert Report, said, when speaking with astronaut Jim Lovell, that he didn’t want to go into space because: “I hear going into space is a humbling experience and I don’t want to be humbled.” This is exactly what the anti-immigrants are going through. They don’t want to learn of and recognize our racist and discrimanatory history because they don’t want to be humbled either.


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