An American Racist?

This video was posted on YouTube by a user named DaveRabbit. It’s basically a cruel, crass, and disgusting video that I post to show the racist mentality of many anti-immigrants. Though most normal people would not do this to another human being, as you can see this kind of thing is happening.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

DaveRabbit includes the following regarding this video:

This is a video that was sent to me recently from one of my fans from around the world. When I first received it and watched it, I have to admit, I found it somewhat amusing. After replaying it a few times, however, I felt like this was a complete SET-UP, including the illegal immigrants. Regardless, it shows the racist views of some regarding illegal immigrants in the United States who are taking away jobs and security for millions of Americans. Illegal immigrants are not only a problem for Americans, but for other countries as well. This is NOT a political statement but rather an opportunity to express YOUR VIEWS about this subject matter. PLEASE be CIVIL in your discussion here. This is for open dialogue, NOT a platform for racist slamming. Is there a solution? Lets hear you.


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