Anti-illegal immigrant policies could hurt weak housing market

Anti-illegal immigrant policies could hurt weak housing market – Full Story
By the Associated Press
October 5, 2007
MANASSAS, Va. – New anti-illegal immigrant policies could worsen an already weak real estate market in Prince William County, agents and mortgage lenders say. If I’m not welcome somewhere, I’m going to sell my house,” said Jose Luis Semidey, a real estate agent whose business in the county shut down in August when he laid off 40 employees and moved the company to Reston.

In the article Supervisor W.S. Covington III stated that the town would save on school expenditures if thousands of illegal immigrants left Manassas, VA. What about legal residents leaving? I thought this article was about the collapsing housing market there and I’m fairly certain that property taxes go toward schools. If any illegal immigrants were able to own homes then they were certainly paying property taxes. Where they not paying enough property tax because their houses were not as valuable as other resident’s? The real problem here is that the town is sending the anti-Hispanic message to everyone. Not too long ago they cancelled it’s Latino Festival. This is the problem with these measures. They are blatantly anti-Hispanic and are making American look like a openly racist country once again.


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