It’s Been a Bad Week to be an Immigrant Child in the U.S.A.

Usually when anyone takes a moment to post a comment to anything I’ve included on this blog I’m labeled a pro-illegal immigrant. Well there’s a difference between having wide open borders (see Canada) and dealing with a situation that we’re currently in. One way or another we have accepted, knowingly and unknowingly, the massive amounts of illegal immigrants to come into this country. If we weren’t employing them then we were benefiting from their work in other ways. No matter how you look at it, we are all guilty.

So know it is up to us as citizens of the greatest nation in the world to show why we are the greatest nation. It’s not because we can send our troops abroad and slaughter another nations citizens, it’s not because our president can barely speech without repeating the one big word he learned that day or fumbling over the simplest words, it is because we are accepting of others. Let’s start showing it.

It’s Been a Bad Week to be an Immigrant Child in the U.S.A. – Full Story
Marisa Treviño
Posted October 5, 2007 | 08:23 PM (EST)

Children are sacred.

Industrialized countries understand that universal edict and defend children — no matter their circumstances.

The countries that enslave children and prostitute, exploit and press them into soldier-duty are routinely considered less than civilized and unfit to join the power ranks of the developed world.

So, it’s rather ironic that the leadership in this country can still hold their heads up high while they blatantly follow the paths of those countries we purposely shun for not being smart enough to safeguard their most precious asset — the children.


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