Anti-Immigrant Rally – CANCELLED!

Thank God for sensibility. Looks like there won’t be a rally at the Elks Lodge after all.

It’s nice to see these anti-immigrants get a taste of the ol’ “closed door” they seem to like to give to others. And no Diane it is not the responsibility of the tax payers to fund you anti-immigrant, hateful, and racist rally. If you had enough supporters you could hire your own security couldn’t you? Why not hire Black Water? All you anti-immigrants do your best to bite your tongues on stage (though you do a poor job) while behind the scenes (in chat forums) you go off on hateful racists tirades.

What I think these groups fail to understand is that traditional protest, for good cause, garners so many participants that there is no stopping it. However, these anti-immigrants can barely get .05% of the respective population of their towns and cities to show up to their rallies. And I’m giving them a few percentage points.

Nobody wants to join your hate clan and nobody wants to hear you tell a bunch of lies on stage or vent about how your Hispanic neighbors are dirty, but you’re not anti-Hispanic because your nephew is married to the nicest Hispanic girl ever. Please just get some compassion, find God, and renounce your evil ways.

Rally behind free speech – Full Story
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 10/5/07
Enough is enough.

For months, Lakewood resident Diane Reaves has been attempting to hold a peaceful rally against illegal immigration, but she has run into roadblocks at every turn. She and her supporters are trying to exercise their First Amendment right to free speech. Lakewood officials should accommodate them. They should make it clear they are welcome to protest in a public space and police will do everything possible to ensure their safety.

Dan Amato, over at Digger’s Realm, decided to make this a race issue by changing the Lakewood sign to read “Welcome to Hispanic Downtown Lakewood.” And I thought they weren’t racist? Quit whining Dan (Ruth would love that) if you can’t get enough people to attend these events (and you can’t) then why should the tax payers have to support them? We’re not going to pay for events that only serve to give the white supremacists a place to go on a Saturday. (No this doesn’t mean I’m calling the rally sponsors white supremacists, just many of those that actually attend.)


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