Tancredo on Out in the Open, 10-1

It’s funny to me how those against immigrants always have some family member that’s married to a Hispanic, speaks another language, teaches another language, or is trying to legally get into this country. You here it so much it gets harder to believe every time. When someone has to constantly defend their position by sighting how others around them are demonstrating what they’re not then that says a lot about their position.

Does Tom’s wife believe what he believes if she really did teach Russian? Furthermore, I like how he states he wishes he could speak another language. No he doesn’t. If he did he’d sign up for a class or buy a CD learn one. If he’s smart enough to represent us I sure hope he’s smart enough to learn another language.

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6 thoughts on “Tancredo on Out in the Open, 10-1”

  1. “Does Tom’s wife believe what he believes if she really did teach Russian?”
    Of course! She is teaching another language to students who already understand English. What is your problem with the English language being the common language of the USA?

    “I like how he states he wishes he could speak another language” OK…he is not about being “against” knowing another language. But here in the USA, the base language is English.
    Meaning …..that if you come to this country, Tancredo is not of the mindset that you should go through your life here and not bother to learn a word of English.
    Why are you against immigrants learning the English language?
    Or do you have stock in the Univision television network?

  2. I don’t know where you’re coming from. We obviously speak English in this country. Where did I debate or disagree with that?

    The point is the rest of the world learns English, and other languages, while all these supposedly learned people just “wish” they could do the same. Ok, learn another language then. Go by a book or take a class and stop being a simple minded elitest that actually has no desire to speak another language. Why should he? Everyone else speaks English. Furthermore, don’t lie about wanting to speak another language because it helps your argument.

    This is America after all. You can do what you want to do and be what you want to be. How sad is it that his wife taught Russian for so many years and he can’t speak it too? Shows how much he involves himself with what she does.

  3. You do not understand the Tancredo message. He is warning of the problems of the massive illegal immigration-mainly from Mexico. Mexican illegals actively resist learning the English language.
    We have never had a native Spanish speaking immigrant group resist English before. Most other Hispanic groups have children that are bi-lingual.
    But you are kidding yourself if you think Mexican illegals want to learn English. They are expecting to overwhelm the country with numbers of people and expect you to learn their culture and language.
    Many Mexicans think of themselves like Palestinians- wanting their land back. They call it “Aztlan”.
    Ask any Mexican if you do not believe this.
    I have a feeling that you really have not talked to any Mexicans.

  4. I’m not arguing about the problems that exists with illegal immigration. I fully understand that from human trafficking to illegal and underhanded business practices the illegal immigration situation is, in many aspects, terrible. However, I do not condone speaking of others in a hateful manner just because they are Hispanic or more specifically Mexican.

    I’m sure every single Mexican is just dying for the day that they “reclaim” the United States in what is called a reconquista. Personally I think this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. We’re basically destroying Iraq after having taken out the government in just a few months and I’m supposed to believe that unarmed Hispanic men, women, and children are going to “reclaim” America. How? And explain to me why there are so many illegal immigrants in New Jersey. Was the northeast once part of Mexico too?

    I understand completely the idea of Aztlan and reconquista, but that does not speak to the entire Hispanic presence in the United States. If this were true then why do groups like You Don’t Speak For Me exist? Aren’t they Hispanic? Are they a covert group that has duped FAIR into funding them while they organize Hispanic deserters? Is it not possible for a Hispanic person to come to the United States without wanting to “reclaim” it?

    Stop feeding into the fear and scare tactics. I’m not asking for open borders. I’m just asking for compassion and civility. We’re all humans after all. Aren’t we?

  5. I can not win with you. I specifically mentioned the problems with Mexican illegal immigrants to show this is NOT about all Hispanics, then I am blasted for being against the “entire Hispanic presence”
    This “Aztlan” thing is real. Watch this one video of us in a Mexican neighborhood in Los Angeles. We are protesting the Mexican government trying to set up political parties HERE in the US. Vincente Fox was there. They want to elect “local” congressmen to represent Los Angeles in the Mexican congress. That is pretty bold!
    Look who showed up to intimidate us. And there were no LA cops around to stop it. But there were Mexican Federalies(policemen).
    This is actually happening in your country!

  6. “and I’m supposed to believe that unarmed Hispanic men, women, and children are going to “reclaim” America. How? And explain to me why there are so many illegal immigrants in New Jersey. Was the northeast once part of Mexico too?”

    I am sorry for missing your question before.
    Many of the pro-amnesty protesters have signs that say “we want the continent back!”
    This is called the Mexica movement. I only became aware of this in the last 5 years. The main site is http://www.mexica-movement.org. I feel bad for these people because they lost their Aztec history with the Spanish invasion and now their idea is that with the potential to outnumber Americans, they can “reclaim” the continent.
    To take over a democracy, you do not have to fire a shot.
    Majority rules and if Mexicans outnumber Americans then there is your answer.
    You might have heard about 12-20 million illegals. They just revised that upwards to 35 million. A huge voting block?
    You can do the math.
    So yes, New jersey is becoming more Mexican. Just ask
    anyone you know who lives there if they have seen the numbers dramatically increase in just the last few years.

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