Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally

The Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally met much resistance while trying to become a reality. Diane Reaves, the organizer, finally secured a location which was to be at the Elks Lodge in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Unfortunately they realized what they were agreeing to and told Diane she couldn’t have the rally there.

Now one thing I’d like to note is the below quote from stating the creation of this event. Please note it says “we are for legal immigration.”

Americans Together Secure our Borders Rally

Protesting illegal immigration – We are NOT against LEGAL immigration; for which this nation has been built. We merely wish ALL who enter our gates should OBEY our laws – and if you don’t you should be DEPORTED immediately. We do not believe in the current reward system for lawbreakers.

Many excellent speakers will be there:

Carmen Morales of You Don’t Speak for Me; Dr. Gayle Kesselman of NJ
Citizens for Immigration Control; Ruth Miller of FIRE Coalition; Kathleen
Appell Media Coordinator C4ICE; Diane Reaves, Two members of the 9/11
Families for a Secure America, Bruce DeCell & Ed Kowalski.

Valid Identification is required – Hall is limited to 200 people, so get there early to ensure admission.

For more information contact:
Event Coordinator Diane Reaves:[/url]
Illegal Aliens are identity thieves, not undocumented workers.

Now let’s look at a quote from the very person who runs the above linked to website Illegal tell us how she feels about immigration:

Furthermore – we don’t need MORE IMMIGRANTS. We don’t need to help them come here FASTER. We already admit more immigrants to our country than ALL THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD COMBINED. Why on Earth do we need to bring in MORE? Don’t you like living on a 1-2 acre plot of land or do you prefer living like rats in a 500×500 lot?

Though she does get into legal immigration after this rant it is clear to me that she does not want a reduction in space for herself which would happen regardless of the immigration method. Groups like hers want more restricted immigration laws up to and including a complete closed door approach.

So straight from Ruth, here’s the latest on the Lakewood Rally:

Furthermore, the Lakewood rally is still on. It is not canceled. We will be there I don’t care if we end up in the middle of main street Lakewood. We will not give in to threats by illegal alien supporters and gang-bangers. You want hate speech? Try hearing what has been said to threaten Diane Reaves for even having this rally. They try to paint her and people coming to this rally as racist, bigots, and use terms like hate speech, because they have NOTHING ELSE to stand on to argue against us. We are in the RIGHT. We have immigration laws and we want them ENFORCED. That ain’t hate speech honey.

I’m not sure who threatened Diane, but I certainly don’t agree with threatening anybody. Anytime these groups are given a chance to speak unscripted, in public, it makes for good posts so I hope they do have the rally and I hope it ends up on YouTube.


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