Immigrant can help repopulate Rust Belt cities

I find it quite interesting that many churches are seeking to help immigrants and illegal immigrants alike while the “God bless you” anti-immigrant crowd fights against them. Now we all know that men of God are not above reproach, but they’re trying to help people here. Don’t you think that’s what Jesus would have done? I can’t imagine God, in all His glory, looking upon us and being proud of the way many are talking about and treating Hispanics.

Immigrant can help repopulate Rust Belt cities – Full Story
Amber Arellano
Monday, October 08, 2007

“They’re such a force for the positive,” says PadreSean, as his parishioners call him. “They come with the American dream. The majority are paying taxes. They don’t like using government services. Everywhere they move, whether they’re renting or buying, they are renovating; everybody sees a difference.”
Many newcomers are eligible for citizenship, Sylvester says, but they lack the financial resources and knowledge to pay for legal assistance, take English classes and jump through bureaucratic hurdles. So Sylvester co-developed the popular English for Citizenship classes.
Some might say the U.S. has too many immigrants. In response, realists would say millions of immigrants are not leaving the U.S. Rather, they go where opportunity lies, which is why Michigan is losing them.

Besides, the growth in U.S. population is as much or more a population distribution problem. Gary, Ind., and Lansing certainly could use newcomers from immigrant-saturated areas such as southern California.


2 thoughts on “Immigrant can help repopulate Rust Belt cities”

  1. “The majority are paying taxes. ”

    A better point to make would be what fraction of the per-capita tax burden is being borne by illegals. Someone could pay 8 cents in tax on a candy bar and legitimately tell everyone “I pay taxes.”

    “They don’t like using government services.”

    Just the roads, highways, the police and fire department, the military, and the rest of our extremely expensive public infrastructure.

  2. What most people miss is that the IRS does issue tax ID’s without a Social Security number and that some illegal immigrants have false Social Security numbers. So they are paying taxes unless their employer is paying them under the table.

    This is most easily proven with the no match letters. If they weren’t using Social Security numbers why would this be an issue? They’re obviously paying taxes.

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