Roy Beck, of Numbers USA, Says There Are Cowards in Our Past

From Roy Beck’s “The Ethics of Taking Flight”
“The courageous heroes on the world scene are not those men and women in poor countries who have the energy, the intelligence, and the skills to escape to a rich country but rather those remaining with their people. Rather than focus on improving conditions for themselves and their families by emigrating, they strive to raise the conditions for whole communities.”

Notice how Roy says “poor countries” above. I don’t think it is poor countries from which people flee. It is poor people from countries which themselves may not be poor, but that leave little hope for their poor. And does this mean our forefathers were cowards? I guess they should have just stayed in Europe and made life better for everyone there. (My favorite anti-immigrant sign is “We Fought Our Revolution Now Go Home And Fight Yours.”)

Now obviously Roy has tried to “escape” the above criticism by stating that people from “poor” countries are not courageous if they “escape” to richer countries. This then implies that our European ancestors where brave because they came to America and braved the wild and wiled the brave (Indians). Though some could argue that this was always a rich country itself. It was rich in undiscovered treasures and made many people quite wealthy in a very short period of time. So are we the ancestors of cowards?

When will we look at the blood on our ancestral hands and say “enough”?


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