Racism, Imperialism, and Genocide – “Just The Way The World Works”

In response to my Columbus Day post Ruth, from the anti-Hispanic immigrant site Illegal Protest, wrote the following:

Give it up.. this is the way the world works and has worked for thousands of years. If people cannot defend their country against an invasion then the invaders take over. Oh yeah.. just like is happening now with illegal aliens. In Mexico it was the Spaniards. In Darfur it is the Muslims. Take ANY country and you will find another country has invaded it in the past – sometimes the invaders dominate and start a new country.. sort of like the United States of America.. We must have done a good job or so many would not want to come here.

First of all Ruth, this part of the world was pretty good before we came here. That’s why Christopher Columbus and the other explorers were so amazed by it. That’s also why we settled here and were able to make it what it is today. Well, that and slavery. And I’d imagine you also believe slavery’s ok. Isn’t slavery just using force to take something from another human being; instead of land it’s their freedom. Since the slaves of our past couldn’t resist I guess they deserved it.

I believe most of us understand that we can enjoy this bountiful land because of our dark past, therefore we seek to provide restitution by learning from those errors and refusing to let history repeat itself.

To compare the Europeans who destroyed entire civilizations in this part of the world to the Hispanics coming to this country illegally is beyond ludicrous. Just look at this comic depicting the Hispanics “invading” us with their water jugs, backpacks, and work ethic. While when we came to this land we had modern weapons and ill intent.

Ruth’s comment above just validates my fear that she and her ilk will push for a violent civil war if they don’t get their way. This desire for civil war was implied by Frank Jorge in Harrisburg and apparently it’s “just the way the world works.”

From Frank Jorge’s speech:

The fact is that revolution and civil war are not unknown to the American people. Revolution occurs when the people overthrow it’s government or it’s ruler and no longer desire to be governed by such. We are already in that process whether you acknowledge it or not. In 2005 when men and women, including myself, I am a man by the way, went to the borders in Arizona that was the beginning of a revolution, it was a way of telling government “we have had enough.” Incrementally government ratchets it up. Incrementally so do we. That is why we are here today. That is why rallies like this are occurring all over the United States of America. A civil war occurs when you can’t take it anymore and the bullets begin flying.


3 thoughts on “Racism, Imperialism, and Genocide – “Just The Way The World Works””

  1. illegal immigration = modern slavery So if you support the importation of cheap labor you are supporting continued exploitation of this cheap labor class. There is a difference however between black slaves and the current crop of willing slaves. The current crop come here willingly to be exploited. They can always go home. Blacks were brought here against their will. Oh and did you know that slavery has been around ever since man walked the earth? Slaves built the pyramids. Should we tear them down because of it?

  2. The people pushing for violence are the pro-illegals not us. We are only prepared for that day when we will need to take up arms to defend this country because our government has failed to do so.

    Oh and apparently you don’t read about the millions of TONS of trash being left in our southwest deserts by illegal aliens. So they are in fact invading us with cheap labor and backpacks and water jugs and other trash. It’s actually an environmental disaster in our national parks in the southwest. How come the environmentalists don’t seem concerned about this?

  3. Ruth, there’s tons of garbage on the sides of highways. And I noticed one of your buddies smokes. Does that person ever throw their butts on the ground? If so that’s littering, which means they are breaking the law.

    Who supports modern slavery? You seem to feel that taking things by force is ok so you’d be more inclined to support slavery. I actively educate myself on sweat shop labor and avoid things made that way. There’s nothing in this world so valuable as a human life and I’m not going to compromise someone else’s health and safety for my own benefit. By not supporting the rights of illegal immigrants, then I would be advocating their poor treatment. Instead I advocate for humane solutions to this issue. I’m sure that’s hard for you to understand.

    Ruth, maybe you need to look up what a slave, as defined by our past, is because freedom of movement is not a characteristic of a slave. If you’re calling them “hard workers” then I guess that works.

    Oh and did you know that slavery has been around ever since man walked the earth? Slaves built the pyramids. Should we tear them down because of it?

    See here’s Ruth now condoning slavery. I’ve never stated that I support of the destruction of the pyramids or of American because of a questionable past. But since slavery has always been around I guess that makes it ok. So do you or don’t you support slavery because you’re giving mixed signals.

    In regard to the environment your rational is questionable at best. If you’re a supporter of Numbers USA then you’d know that they are concerned about the environment only in regard to numbers not initiatives to reduce pollution. It’s quite apparent that many Americans can’t seem to hit the trash can and the oversized vehicles on the roads show us that there aren’t too many people concerned about the environment. Maybe we should think about it this way – those illegal immigrants are providing a job for someone. It’s like when I’m on the train into Jersey and many of the riders leave their trash and newspapers in and under the seats. That just creates jobs right?

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