The Ethics of Gumballs

Roy Beck’s group, Numbers USA, spends an awful lot of energy trying to fight against immigration. According to his teachings if we do not stop immigration in its tracks we’ll be responsible for saving 4,600 gumballs from poverty. Well, each gumball represents a million human beings and as we know most human beings are merely just corn syrup and gum base packed in various colored shells. What I really like about this analogy is the thought of putting those gumballs in a big machine so you can buy them for 25 cents a piece.

Just in case some of the anti-immigrants out there aren’t aware here’s Roy Beck’s, of Numbers USA, view on immigrant bashing. Maybe you guys should read and apply. Don’t do it too liberally though. From Roy Becks article “The Ethics of Taking Flight”:

It IS immigrant bashing, however, to ascribe those bad characteristics to whole groups of people based on their ethnicity or foreign-born status. All of us should be careful of the language we use so as not to inadvertently appear to be making such negative generalizations.

Getting back to Roy’s premise that we’re trying to save the world through letting others immigrate to the United States, I’m not sure where this started. Is there a group asking for every poor person from every other country to come to the United States for a better life? If so I’m not aware of it. I don’t think any rational person would believe that the United States has room for 6 billion people. I think the idea is that we want to create an environment of caring which will hopefully transcend our borders. Currently our wild west ways in Iraq and our very vocal fight against immigrants are the only things transcending our borders. How will this help the world?


4 thoughts on “The Ethics of Gumballs”

  1. We are not against immigrants. Why don’t you people get that through your thick heads? We are against ILLEGAL ALIENS. ILLEGAL ALIENS are not IMMIGRANTS. Immigrants come in the front door legally. Illegal aliens steal into our country in the backs of trucks. The IS a difference and trying to paint us with an “anti immigrant” brush is deceiving and dishonest. The tactics of your kind are usually that way it seems. We however just point out that our laws are not being enforced and our government is not doing the job we elected them to do and people like you scream that we are racist! What I DON’T WANT and most in this country DON’T WANT are poor, uneducated, unskilled people coming here in the millions. There is no country on the earth that can survive having millions of dependent poor people flooding into their country. Just ask Rome when they didn’t pay attention to the influx of Goths also known as the “barbarians” in those days. Allowing thousands of barbarians into Rome and into their army etc, is what took down the Roman empire and we are seeing this history repeat.

    What is it like seeing everything in the world through a hysterical racist filter? It’s not all about racism you asshat. It’s about preserving a country. We don’t care if the illegal aliens are from England – if they are poor, unskilled, dependent people who contribute very little and drain our economy of dollars going back to their country, refuse to assimilate into our culture etc, we would feel the same way about THEM.

  2. But they’re not Ruth are they? They just happen to be a group that’s been put down since the beginning of this country.

    And the truth is there are illegal immigrants from other parts of the world, but you just focus on Hispanics, I mean Mexicans. I wonder why?

    Is it possible for you to write anything without using some form of profanity? Does that strengthen your argument?

  3. Profanity? You mean like – illegal immigration? Is that the profanity to which you refer? Asshat is sort of a cute word and i like it. It fits you so well.

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