Noose on Door at Columbia Prompts Campus Protest

What is going on in this country when we’re dealing with this nonsense? Does somebody think this is funny? This is typical of people that have never truly suffered racism or prejudice a day in their life. This kind of stupidity does nothing to further us as human beings and certainly leaves little room for compassionate dialogue. I’m glad that there has been such a loud response to this as it shows that most people do care about one another regardless of race, culture, or religion.

This type of activity, whether it was a real threat or some kids idea of a joke, just goes to show how far we haven’t gone in dealing with racism, prejudice, and insanity in this country. This speaks directly to the anti-immigrant movement that hides their anti-Hispanic sentiment behind their fight to rid us of illegal immigrants. Truly most of these people just don’t like the idea of having Hispanics in their neighborhood. Just read this speech from the Voice of The People USA’s Freeland, PA Rally. You can also do searches on “illegal immigrants” and you’ll find many derogatory comments from many anti-immigrant websites.

Noose on Door at Columbia Prompts Campus Protest – Full Story from The New York Times
Noose on Door at Columbia Prompts Campus Protest
Published: October 11, 2007
A day after a noose was found hanging on a black professor’s office door at Columbia University’s Teachers College, the police said that their hate crimes unit had mounted a full investigation.

And this quote from the story below. What is going on here?

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said yesterday, “I think the noose thing is despicable and disgraceful.” A white Queens woman was arrested recently for throwing a noose around a tree and threatening to hang her black neighbor’s children from it.


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