Police protect civil liberties for all

Though I do believe that many anti-immigrants feel you can tell who is here illegally just by looking at them you cannot. Racial profiling is not acceptable in America.

Police protect civil liberties for all

Posted: Oct. 11, 2007

The Milwaukee Police Department’s recent decision not to have officers enforce federal immigration policy is the right one: It protects both immigrants and citizens from racial profiling. It is also the right decision in terms of the safety of our city and the civil liberties of Americans from all ethnic backgrounds.

It’s no secret that the majority of illegal immigrants are of Hispanic decent so they would be continuously harassed, as is happening already, by the police and asked to produce documents proving their legal status. Mayor Cresitello of, Morristown, New Jersey, was going to have his police officers follow anyone they witnessed pick up a Hispanic day laborer and follow them until they committed a moving violation for which they could be pulled over. Then the police officer was to demand documentation for all those in the vehicle. This type of thing is ridiculous and insane and shouldn’t be happening in this country.

Asking the department not to enforce immigration law is consistent with a longstanding American tradition separating federal and local authority. Having experienced the imposition of British military force in Revolutionary-era American cities, the framers of the Constitution were careful to balance control of such force between federal, state and local bodies in the new nation.
There is no way to tell by looking at someone whether he or she is an immigrant. Asking police to enforce federal immigration law would force them to stop more citizens and ask for immigration documents.


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