The Puckle Gun – Another Great Moment in History

In this disturbing moment in history we have a man, James Puckle, who invented a gun meant to cause more pain to certain enemies who didn’t share the same religion.
James Puckle, in eighteenth century England, invited a nine round per minute “defense” gun appropriately called the Puckle Gun. This gun proved better than the 3 round per minute musket loaders previously used. Fortunately it never made it to production as one of its more disturbing features was that Puckle had created two versions. One version, for Christian enemies, fired round bullets believed to be more humane while the second, intended for Muslim Turks, fired square bullets which would inflict greater pain. Though it was said that “those are only wounded who hold shares therein” this gun is believed to be the first prototype of the modern day machine gun. 


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