Agency backs care for illegal immigrant moms

Though anti-immigrants like to call these “anchor babies” they are babies and placing a stigma on an innocent child is simply hateful and crass. So it’s nice to see that even an admittedly anti-illegal immigrant state understands this.

Agency backs care for illegal immigrant moms
Fri October 12, 2007

By Devona Walker
Staff Writer
ADA — Despite pending immigration enforcement reform, the state will soon provide prenatal care to undocumented immigrant women who are pregnant.
Members of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority voted 6-1 Thursday to approve the rule change.

Now, undocumented women are prohibited from Medicaid prenatal services. The rule takes effect Jan.1.

The financial impact of the decision is about $3 million a year, with $1.19 million coming from the state.

State health care officials say the rule change ultimately will save money by reducing the need for postnatal care.

Even Numbers USA has a heart.

Though Numbers USA disputes the validity of citizenship being granted to those children, it stops short of saying the government should deny prenatal care.


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