“Our Town Jersey” – The Constitution Only Grants Rights To Legal Citizens?

The latest edition of “Our Town Jersey” is just slightly better than the previous edition which I speak of in another post. In this issue titled “Free Speech? Just Who Was The Constitution Written For?” the publisher questions the rights of illegal immigrants and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s, the Iranian President, right to come here and speak. In getting to his point he uses the following opening:

Has he world gotten you down? Tired of the country you are living in, but you’re just too damn lazy to get off your butt and fix it, making it a better place to live?

Immediately we can see what this author, Robert (Bob) Beierle of Creative Insight, is most comfortable in the shock an awe attack mode. I have to assume that he either feels everyone that happens into a grocery store carrying this publication is actively working to fight problems in the United States or that we all believe the United States has no problems at all. Well I do believe most people feel there are big problems here including the Iraq war and a president who embarrasses us as Americans every time he speaks. My other conclusion is that he’s speaking to people from other countries who want to come to America because they don’t like the country they were born in. Thus he is speaking about all foreign visitors and all immigrants both legal and illegal. He goes on:

Have the constant screams of agony from the torture of the women you have stoned to death and those who long for liberty in your country starting to wear just a tiny bit on your nerves? Are you being weighted down by your continual killing of American troops? Well then pop on over to the U.S. of A. and be an American for the day. We don’t care who you killed…who you’ve raped…what group of people you want to commit genocide to. Just plant both your feet in these United States and instantaneously be transformed into a good old boy. No, you don’t have to repent your thieven’, rapin’ murderous ways, because as long as you’re in this country, thanks to different members of a certain political party, All you need is a warm body to be granted every right of a natural born citizen or a legal immigrant. Enjoy our wonderful free speech without fear of oppression.

Some people might see this as an aggressive stance against Ahmadinejad’s visit to the US and against illegal immigrants, but I just see it as over the top hate speech aimed to anger the reader. This type of language is extremely over the top for a publication that is free in grocery stores. Not to mention the fact that anyone advertising in this publication is just paying to get Bob’s opinion published.
It goes on:

Of course at the beginning we’re referring to the many illegal immigrants who have tippy toed across the border and have worked their way into tour hearts and our homes and our streets where some have raped, murdered and killed. That ain’t being racist, that’s just reporting the facts

This last statement, and his statement about homosexuals in the previous edition, tell me that he obviously understands that his comments are toeing the line between being informative and just being hateful.

The truth is, having Ahmadinejad here was a good thing. Who didn’t get a chuckle when he claimed there were no homosexuals in Iran. Though many people, like Bob, where upset that Columbia would have him it actually turned out that they set him up to ridicule and without inviting him they’d not have had the opportunity. I guess people like Bob would rather ignore these people or just bomb them into oblivion. Who can say.

Bob also is slightly confused about who the Constitution was written for:

The Constitution of the United States of America was written for Americans and not for anyone else.
When illegals fly the flag of their country of origin above ours, and when radical terrorist Muslim dictators who kill American troops are in this nation, they should not be rewarded by our leaders by enjoying the privileges and the rights awarded by our Constitution.

I think Bob needs to read the Constitution a little closer because you do not have to be a citizen to be protected by the rights it provides. It does not define “man” as a legal American citizen.


3 thoughts on ““Our Town Jersey” – The Constitution Only Grants Rights To Legal Citizens?”

  1. When “Our Town” first started, I used to think that it was a great publication. I have changed my mind. The last one published August 20, 2009 was nothing but propaganda. It is a publication where Robert Beierle tries to push his way of thinking onto his readers. It is so full of hate and rubbish that I was totally disgusted by the time I finished reading his editorials. I hope that the children and young adults of America are able to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions without having all this pushed on them. He says it is freedom of speech, but puts down people who have a different opinion than he does. That is rubbish!

  2. He has a right to say whatever he wants. He’s not pushing his opinions onto anybody else. You have a right to think what you want. He’s just saying what he thinks and feels, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    1. I guess Our Town Jersey should take the same advice and stop writing about it. If we all avoided things we disliked failing to speak out against them much of what this country is wouldn’t exist. By leaving your comment you fail to take your own advice.

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