America – Land of the Free?

What does freedom mean when you can’t even decide the color of your own house? Homes are expensive and if you can afford one you should be able to paint it however you want. I can understand people wanting their neighbors to keep up their homes and yards, but painting your house a “tropical” color does not mean you aren’t doing this. In fact many people need to give their homes a good coat of paint so at least you can be happy that’s happening.

Hispanics see red over proposal

Associated Press
October 10, 2007 10:02 PMFARMERS BRANCH — Some residents of this Dallas suburb that tried to ban apartment rentals to illegal immigrants now want the city to regulate which colorful hues people can paint their homes.

Although the City Council hasn’t decided whether to consider any house paint restrictions, Hispanic leaders say it’s yet another effort to target Latinos in the city.

“I believe controlling the color you paint your house is basically profiling the Hispanic community,” said Elizabeth Villafranca, whose family owns a Mexican restaurant in Farmers Branch. “We all know who paints their homes tropical colors.”

According to this story some feel that these unconventional home colors reduce the value of your home and your ability to sell it. Well maybe it’s about time people stop being so boring and brighten things up a little. Why does every house have to look the same and have the same uptight paint job? The worst thing are these suburban neighborhoods where you can’t tell if they’re homes or condominiums because they all look the same and are painted the same color.

“To say that we’re going to have government officials dictate what constitutes good aesthetics, I’m not sure local elected officials should be making those decisions,” Rous said. “I’m not sure what the need is for this.”

Victorian homes are often painted bright blue or peacock green. Buildings in South Beach typically have outside lights in electric purples and yellow. Structures in Santa Fe blend into the desert landscape with earthen reds or dark tans.

But most homes in Farmers Branch are brick, with trim or shutters painted in neutral colors. A handful are more brightly colored, such as one wood home with Kelly green trim and an upscale two-story house with one burnt orange side

If you really want to get technical (and racist) the people that make up a neighborhood can bring down the value because this country is still very much racist. So if an African-American or Hispanic moves into a Euro-white neighborhood should those residents ask them to leave because they’ll drive down their property value. It’s not like this hasn’t been done before. The current trend is to hang a noose on their door. In the past you’d burn a cross on their lawn.

But Bernier, who also supported the city’s apartment ban, told The Dallas Morning News: “When you paint your house some fluorescent or garish color scheme, you negatively affect my [home] value.”

When another person’s freedoms interfere with the value of your earthly possessions you should definitely demand that they lose those freedoms. Good ol’ American values – If I don’t like what you do you shouldn’t be able to do it.


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