More Details Provided in Death of Immigrant

More Details Provided in Death of Immigrant
New York RegionBy KAREEM FAHIM
Published: October 13, 2007
Prosecutors say that the police officer who abandoned a homeless Guatemalan man in a remote spot in Mount Kisco also delivered the blow that ultimately proved fatal.

This is a story of how a police officer shouldn’t act. It is not their duty to become judge, jury, and executioner of petty criminals like Rene Perez. Even if his status, as a citizen, was never checked he should have been provided help rather than just run through the system. I believe we should try to help people like this who seem to get in trouble, but who do not commit violent crimes. This is how we stop violent crime, by curbing it before it starts. Well, I guess inflicting blunt force trauma and leaving them for dead works too.

In the court documents, filed in Westchester County Superior Court on Thursday, prosecutors said Mr. Perez was “highly and visibly intoxicated” and asserted that Officer Bubaris, at some point during his encounter with Mr. Perez, “inflicted blunt force trauma to Perez’s abdomen” and left him on Byram Lake Road.

The prosecutors added, “The defendant then abandoned the helpless and severely injured Perez in this remote area knowing that he could not extricate himself from his predicament nor protect himself from the elements or other potential dangers or avail himself of any assistance.”

What’s disturbing is what the officer said to his fellow officer after the event – “You’re the only one who knows, bro’.” At least he acknowledged his guilt in trying to get away with it.


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