No Need for a Warrant, You’re an Immigrant

Many on the anti-immigrant front like to use the 9/11 terrorist attacks as rally cries to demand all illegals be removed and that the great wall be built on our southern border (and the north?).  Though we know that there were no Hispanics involved in any terrorist attacks and those involved certainly didn’t cross the border through Mexico.

The funny thing is these anti-immigrants also like to compare our immigration laws to Mexico’s stating that theirs are much more strict and widely enforced.  Well if Mexico’s immigration laws and law enforcement are so good then why do we have to worry about terrorists slipping across the border?  Wouldn’t these “illegal” Mexicans be caught by the strict immigration efforts of Mexico?

As with every anti-immigrant argument, which most often lack any compassion for fellow human beings, they seem to get confused when they’re spouting out their propaganda and rhetoric.  According to them there won’t be an United States to wake up in if we don’t participate in these discriminatory and racist raids.  Well, if a country can’t be itself without being discriminatory and racist then the people of that country need to make some changes because that certainly shouldn’t be exemplary of the American way.

Life’s way too short to be treating others like sub-human garbage.  And if this life is merely a test for the afterlife then people need to wake up and start treating each other better.

No Need for a Warrant, You’re an Immigrant
The Nation
No Need for a Warrant, You’re an Immigrant
Published: October 14, 2007
When it comes to Immigration law enforcement, the Constitution is noticeably silent on the rights of noncitizens, legal or not.


2 thoughts on “No Need for a Warrant, You’re an Immigrant”


    all that needs to be said

    DHS has proof that Mexico and South America are HELPING terrorists enter our country through our southern border.

    You are an idiot.

    We know none of the terrorists were Hispanic you complete moron.

    What we DO know now is that terrorists are coming into this country LOOKING like illegal immigrants and Venezuela is giving them Venezuelan passports and Hispanic names and teaching them Spanish.

    AND most of the terrorists on 9/11 came to this country illegally or had expired VISAS etc.. and if our government had been doing its job – THEY WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN HERE AND NEITHER SHOULD ANYONE WHO COMES HERE ILLEGALLY OR OVERSTAYS A VISA.

  2. Ruth,

    You spend so much time hating people and calling them idiots and morons that you fail to leave a proper link. Try clicking on it. It takes you to a page that doesn’t exist. Thanks for the great reading material – “The requested page could not be found.” Is that all I need to read Ruth? Here it is..

    If you ask me terrorists are coming into this country looking like middle-aged white women who moonlight as anti-immigrant protestors. What a good cover Ruth. Who would ever know? Do you believe everything the government tells you Ruth? If so you should go over to Iraq to help look for the weapons of mass destruction.

    I’m more worried about our government than any terrorist. And, Ruth, how does calling Mexicans “fat and lazy” help protect our border? Does it scare the terrorists? I kind of think that treating others with condescension tends to cause more problems than it solves.

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