Lakewood NJ Rally Still to Be Held October 20th – Hooray!

If you have a few minutes this Saturday and you want here about Ruth’s dirty Mexican neighbors then attend the Lakewood NJ rally (original information about this rally). Despite being “let down” and “harassed” due to nobody wanting to host their hate rally they are still going forward with it. Great, that just means more You Tube videos. I hope Ruth speaks and tells us the story of her Mexican neighbors again. Ruth, make sure and tell us how dirty they are. You might want to take some pictures and have them mounted on poster board so you can show the audience.  Or why not just stick your video camera in their faces and show a video montage of how mean and angry they are.

Lakewood NJ Rally Still to Be Held October 20th – Despite Threats and Letdowns by American Legion and Elks Lodge
We will not be defeated by those who seek to suppress our right to free speech and our right to assemble to protest the destruction of our country by illegal immigration. We are not racists, we are not the KKK (although they also have the right to assemble and the right to free speech) we are not white supremacists – in fact there will be patriots there from all races. And why are we gathering in Lakewood, NJ? Because apparently it has become the hotbed of illegal immigration and sanctuary policies and apparently there are businesses in Lakewood who enjoy profiting from their illegal alien slaves.

Read the history of this rally and how it had to be resecheduled several times due to THREATS by the people who like to call US the haters.

Digger’s Realm
Illegal Protest(Don’t forget to check out the racist sign here.  Great work Dan!)
Asbury Park Press

We will come to Lakewood to say – that is NOT OK with Americans to hire illegal aliens, to aid and abet or to give them sanctuary in a church or city.

Location: Lake Carasaljo Amphitheater, Lakewood NJ
Google Map Link

Time: 11am to 2pm

Our enemies will be saying this is a gathering of racists, white supremacists or KKK and nothing could be farther from the truth. Do not believe the LIES and PROPAGANDA put out by people who think it is just fine to allow millions of illegal aliens to come here for “a better life”. If white supremacists are in the group they will not be there because Diane Reaves invited them. This is a public location so she cannot prevent others from coming to this rally, although the obvious enemies will be kept out by security and Lakewood Police. – Actually Ruth I don’t think this event will bring out the white supremacists, but if it did you certainly wouldn’t call them out would you? Of course not, but you don’t have a problem stating that sites like mine don’t spend enough time addressing racism coming from Hispanics. (which I believe to be a reaction to racism addressed at them.) So I challenge you, Ruth to call out any white supremacists you see at this rally. Take your blinders off. You know what a white supremacist looks like. I don’t want to find pictures on Flickr of white supremacists at this rally and then see a Dan Amato, of Digger’s Realm, article stating they weren’t there like he did with the Harrisburg rally.

This rally is in support of the United States of America defending its sovereignty, its borders from invasion and its people from having to spend more and more of their tax money helping illegal aliens invade our country.

We will NOT be threatened in our own country by invaders who hate us. We will NOT be denied OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT to express our opinion and our PROTEST of the illegal immigration INVASION.

WE SHALL OVERCOME! – (Ruth – you’re white. You’ve had nothing to overcome except your hatred of others which is what I hope you’re referring to.)

Keep trying to stop us – it just makes us MORE committed to our cause.


3 thoughts on “Lakewood NJ Rally Still to Be Held October 20th – Hooray!”

  1. Uh.. you do know that the rally’s organizers are “You Don’t Speak for Me”, which is a Hispanic American citizen’s organization. They were founded as a result of American citizens of Hispanic origins were fed up by the claims of the Hispanic supremecist groups like La Raza, and the like were spreading hatred and inferring that they spoke for all Hispanic Americans.

    You claimed in another post that you didn’t believe in extremist propaganda and spreading hate.. yet isn’t that exactly what you are doing?

  2. Jenny,

    I know about You Don’t Speak For Me. They were founded by John Tanton, of FAIR, who has a quote on my Scary Quotes page. They also like to explicitly state that every illegal immigrant is a violent criminal – rapists and murders. (Here’s Carmen Morales’ speech for reference)

    Being Hispanic does not mean you can’t loath other Hispanics. As a white person how does it sound if I refer to another white person as white trash? Would you then try and back me up because I, along with my verbal victim, are white? No, because what I’ve stated is inflammatory and crass.

    So it means nothing to me that You Don’t Speak For Me is made up of Hispanic people. If you ask me John knew exactly what he was doing when he formed that group and I love their name as I’m sure most Hispanics don’t feel You Don’t Speak For Me speaks for them.

    As far as spreading hate I do believe I’ve been caught in that net. In my attempt to expose it in others I have myself been a party to it.

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