Frosty Wooldridge, New With Views, and Mis-Information

News With Views looses all credibility with one glance at their website. Though they enjoy educating us on the evils of the world they have no problem promoting a pill which claims you can live forever. If this ad weren’t bad enough they like to post other strange ads including the one of the left showing us their ubermensch and his “Ultimate Fitness Program.” I especially enjoy the ad at the top right stating “Wow! Check Out These Fat People Before And After Pictures.” That’s really responsible advertising. So News With Views – How much do they pay you for that ad?

Though I feared a virus would infect my computer I went ahead and clicked on the “Take This And Live Forever” link to find this image.

So I guess it’s ok for their sponsor, Dr. Dave, to use the likeness of Uncle Sam to promote his “fountain of youth” pills.

Well getting past this we have to look at an article by Frosty Wooldridge where he tries to show us how angry people are that have written him emails. One email I found rather odd is from a person claiming they are a “medical doctor.” What doctor says I’m a medical doctor? Maybe one that isn’t.

I need to alert you to a problem. I am a medical doctor. Although your articles are incredibly appreciated, truthful and accurate, there is one point, and perhaps one the most important issues regarding illegal immigration, that is not emphasized enough, in my estimation.

What I am about to say may shock you, but I know this to be the truth, coming from very reliable sources, as well as my own treatment records and experiences. As these sources have been my friends and patients for many years, I know their word and honor to be above reproach. As they are also typical American citizens, they have asked me not to divulge their identities. How would other patients know that illegal immigrants carried disease and what would make them a credible authority? Why would a “medical doctor” need to give us any more proof anyway?”

As you state in your articles, a good portion of the illegals are working at our meat packing plants. They carry massive quantities of horrendous diseases, and are not being checked or treated! Massive quantities? Is that doctor speak? How are they still alive? Some are even motivated by their condition to come here for treatment, which may not immediately be forthcoming. Most, if not all, are from humble beginnings, and have little or no regard for elementary and basic personal hygiene. They’re all dirty then? This is absurd at best. What meat packing plant is going to have “dirty” people handling their product. Are they masochists that want to watch their companies implode? I doubt it.

The truth is that it behooves people like Frosty Wooldridge to spread mis-information so the US population will fear Hispanics. They’ll use any tactic they can and claim that Hispanics are disease ridden is just one weapon in their arsenal.

Because Frosty failed to apply even the most rudimentary formatting to this post it is difficult to tell where one letter stops and the next starts, but I believe this was the final paragraph from our “medical doctor.”

When politicians and business place their need, greed, and love of money, above their fellow man, and give preference to the illegals over their citizens, only God knows what the ultimate, unintended, and unpredicted consequences will be. The horrifying fact is, that while Bush is working for his one world government, the Mexicans are working for “Reconquista,” and we the people, the earners, the taxpayers, and the majority, have to pay, suffer, and die, for their illicit, immoral, and evil agendas, and we will, as we have!

What I enjoy more than anything is these people making terrible claims against other human beings and then speaking of God as if He would condone this conduct. Claiming all Mexicans want a ‘reqonquista’ and that they’re dirty, disease ridden people is in no way Christian. Nor is stating “When politicians and business place their need, greed, and love of money, above their fellow man, and give preference to the illegals over their citizens.” This clearly defines an “illegal” as a person beneath us “legal” citizens though God does not judge us by our country of origin or our status as citizens nor does God recognize the laws of man. Therefore nobody is “illegal” in the eyes of God and these supposed Christians need to start acting a little more like Christians and a little less like hate mongering, fear spreading racists.

Finally we have this odd comment from the article:

“Multiculturalism’s goal is not to teach about other cultures, but to promote – by means of distortions and half-truths – the notion that non-Western cultures are as good as, if not better than, Western culture.

Far from ‘broadening’ the curriculum, what multiculturalism seeks is to diminish the value of Western culture in the minds of students.

Is this person trying to say that it’s not ok for another culture to think they’re as good as us? Does Frosty believe in elitism? Yes, I think so and this really goes to show you what’s happening in the minds of these anti-immigrants. Not only will they use fear, but they’ll use “high school” pride to stir up animosity against other cultures for simply appreciating where they came from. Well, I hate to have to remind Frosty and clan, but American culture was imported and will continue to be imported as this is a nation of immigrants. Pure and simple.


7 thoughts on “Frosty Wooldridge, New With Views, and Mis-Information”

  1. And you sitting in judgment of NewswithViews is any better as a Christian? People in glass houses should not throw rocks.

  2. The US was created by pilgrim immigrants – yes that is true – but since then, the majority of people in the US were BORN HERE. There have been immigrants throughout the 200 plus years of the history of the US but the immigrants of the past (Irish, Italian, Polish etc) came here with RESPECT for our laws, did not expect us to bend over backwards putting their language on all of our signs and assimilated to become Americans. Illegal aliens are not immigrants simply because they did not have the respect and decency to come here legally.
    They do not deserve the label “immigrant” and most legal immigrants feel the same way that we do about illegal aliens. They are cutting in line – and they don’t want to become Americans. That makes them invading users.

  3. I don’t go around speaking of God while preaching hatred. I’m simply pointing out the ridiculousness of this website and the fact that they try to goad readers into buying pills which claim they’ll live forever.

  4. The US was created by the pilgrim who came to this country illegaly because the native indians never extended a visa or permit to come here.

    Because of the above statement none are a legal immigrants (Irish, Italian, Polish etc) until they can show a visa from the native american.

    Then all of us since the beginning to the present we are all Illegal aliens, we are not immigrants.

  5. I am a Native American. My ancestors were treated horribly and were killed for no reason. Even though the Europeans who first came over here were illegal, I have forgiven them for what they have done. What that doctor referred to when he said illegal immigrants were bringing in many diseases is probably true. When you look back in history many of my people were killed by the diseases that the Europeans brought over. Those Europeans were not dieing all over from those diseases because they had built up immunity to the many diseases that they carried. The same goes with illegal immigrants. Many of the diseases they bring over they are immune to. We here in America have not been exposed to many of these diseases and have no immunity to them. So before you say that there are no harmful diseases being brought over give yourself a little history lesson. The same is going to happen here and you will regret ever saying that it will not.

  6. Frosty’s comments are not Christian because he is against the church and Christ. He is a eugenicist pure and simple. He’s extolled the virtues of “world religion” VS. the one church. He advocates a one child policy for the world. (But wants to start with brownskins) He has written that he basically is opposed to organized religion. I’ve talked with Paul, the owner of news with views. He knows Frosty is faking his immigration stance to push a bigger hidden agenda, but says he uses his essays because he wants that point of view on illegal immigration.

    I am not in favor of illegal immigration because I like the idea of a distinct culture and prefer immigrants to shun the fractionalization of their past when it comes to public culture. (learn the language and become citizens and proponents of their newly chosen culture). Illegals are not learning the culture and not becoming distinctly United States oriented in their idea of civics because they are not being trained to understand our forms of government or why our freedoms differ from all other countries

    I am in favor of regulating the flow of people to this country in order to protect the ability to grow and provide infrastructures needed to keep our society healthy. (unlimited immigration can swamp the system). I am against abortion, one child policies and the lies of the unbelieving left wing eugenics folks pushing one world crap. Frosty fits perfectly.

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