‘Lynching symbol’ sparks complaints in Madison

hanging man halloween decoration
** picture from The Daily Record
(It’s a little odd that the Virgin Mary is sitting underneath this black hanging figure with a pitchfork wielding skeleton to her left.)

The what ifs – “What if it was white, what if it was small statured” mean nothing. The fact is it’s a black figure with a noose around its neck and nooses have been front page news lately as black are hatefully targeted around the country. What is wrong with these people? Why is there a hanging figure on this man’s lawn anyway? Why not have an dummy that’s been riddled with bullets or a dummy with multiple stab wounds. Though Halloween decorations are meant to be creepy and to scary, there’s definitely a line you can cross.

‘Lynching symbol’ sparks complaints in Madison
Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MADISON — Public uproar that compared an image to a lynching has led a Madison family to remove a hanged dummy from its Halloween display.

Homeowners David and Cheryl Maines angrily denied the display, including a life-size figure with a featureless black head hanging from a noose, was racist. They had refused to remove the figure dressed in a navy blue shirt, blue jeans and sneakers earlier Monday.

“It’s a Halloween decoration, that’s all it is,” said David Maines, who is Madison’s superintendent of public works. “I’m at the end of my rope because of one lady … a lady who is being a pain in the neck.”


6 thoughts on “‘Lynching symbol’ sparks complaints in Madison”

  1. Why didn’t they just hang the skeleton that is next to the hanging man? I think if I were Black, I would be offended too. Why didn’t they just listen to their neighbors. After all, one’s front yard is seen by others. I think this is very insensitive and passive aggressive. Why do most people sleepwalk through their lives without caring about the next person?

  2. Why not hang a white sheet with a pointed hood with KKK written on the chest, and hang that in response to the neighbor’s complaint. That would have made a statement everyone would have enjoyed.

  3. Independent of the rest of the lawn the figure is still not remotely suspect. This is halloween. Everyone is so selectively concerned with censorship, it’s disgusting.

  4. The effigy looks like a hanged man with a hood pulled over his head, which is routine procedure in executions. Since most ‘trick or treaters’ are little kids, I think it’s too gruesome, but not racist. Halloween Magazine post instructions for hanging effigies and tying hangman nooses on it website at http://www.halloweenmagazine.com.

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