Q&A Tuesday: Minuteman director explains group’s immigration mission

Q&A Tuesday: Minuteman director explains group’s immigration mission
October 16, 2007, 4:01 AM
Al Garza is the national executive director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a group that wants “the borders and coastal boundaries of the United States secured against the unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband and foreign military,” according to its mission statement. The group calls for a border fence, penalizing businesses that hire illegal immigrants and other measures that would cause all illegal immigrants to leave the country or be deported. It often organizes groups to watch for illegal immigrants coming over the U.S.-Mexican border. Garza lives in Arizona. For information about the group, go to www.minutemanhq.com.

The following comment from Al demonstrates the weird mindset of these anti-immigrants. (And yes a Hispanic man can be an anti-immigrant to. Just because he’s Hispanics doesn’t mean he is incapable of looking down on other people.)

Should there be a process for moving to citizenship for an illegal immigrant?

The process is real simple. If you’re not a documented immigrant, you’re an illegal alien and there’s deportation in progress. Let me give you an analogy: If I, Al Garza, goes out and robs a bank or robs a mom-and-pop store and they find out that it’s Al Garza that did this, are the police supposed to say, “We can’t target this guy because he’s brown or because he’s got three children and his wife is sick?” The excuses just keep on coming. We’re a nation that prides itself on the rule of law.

What does a process for becoming a citizen have to do with robbing and bank and what person is defending bank robbers? This just continues the claim by anti-immigrants that all illegal immigrants are violent criminals.

What should the country do with the illegal immigrants in the country now?

It’s real simple again, if you don’t have proper documentation, you don’t belong in the United States. Why is it so fair that people are here just because of ethnicity, that they have the right to be here without any documentation? … (If the laws are enforced) they will self-deport. What else would be left for them? You demagnetize America if there is no income, if there is no welfare, if there is no clinics, no hospitals. You start forcing the issue.

And here he states “you demagnetize America.” There is no way to “demagnetize” America. It’s been magnetized for hundreds of years. If it wasn’t then I wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t be here, and Al wouldn’t be here.


1 thought on “Q&A Tuesday: Minuteman director explains group’s immigration mission”

  1. Al Garza is not looking down on anyone. He is a fine example of a legal immigrant. It’s amanzing how you race baiters search for what you think is evidence of racism. We have immigration laws. They are not being enforced. Our government is not doing its job and it needs to start doing that or there will be civil war. Very simple. You can keep denying that the US has a right to determine who can immigrate here and who can’t – like any other country – but it won’t change the fact that millions of Americans are sick and tired of the importation of cheap labor that the American taxpayer needs to support with their tax funded social services, education etc. We no longer are willing to educate the illegal alien children. Take them home to Mexico for their education. Complain to Mexico about how life as a poor Mexican sucks. It’s .. umm.. not our problem .. that Mexico cannot take care of its own poor people and apparently has no desire to do so either.

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