What Makes A Racist & Does Being Against Illegal Immigration Make You One.

In this illegal immigration debate there is much mud slinging by both sides of the argument. Generally this comes from the extremes of the argument rather than those closer to the middle.

Those on the far right that are against immigration altogether or at least against any plan to give those illegal immigrant in our country a chance to become legal citizens are often called racist. Sometimes this is done as a knee jerk reaction and sometimes it is founded, on some level, in truth.

Then there’s those on the far left that do support more immigration and/or a method for which illegal immigrants can become citizens are often called traitors. Though I would be grouped into this category by some the truth is I don’t support open borders, but I do support a stringent program through which illegal immigrants can become citizens. I basically support any humane, civilized, and compassionate solution.

Does this make me a traitor? No it certainly does not. I understand the blessing I received simply by being born in this country, but I also understand the past of this country and refuse to let those atrocities happen again. I will not allow hate groups to stir up anti-Hispanic sentiment to fuel their personal agendas. This country is a compassionate country. We donate hundreds of billions of dollars per year to charities, may of which are abroad and we donate many hours of our time to help those less fortunate. As a caring country we must not lose our hearts simply because a person is here illegally.

Now does being against illegal immigration make you a racist? No, it does not. What makes you a racist are inflammatory statements about another race, or culture, meant to incite some idiotic sense of superiority. As an example, if I state that Mexicans are “fat and lazy” that is racist. I’ve labeled a whole group of people together, claimed they have horrible traits merely for being in that group, and I’ve done it to incite a sense of superiority to others in my group.

Not all anti-illegal immigrant groups take to name calling to prove their point. There are some that simply state the numbers and the fact that being here illegally is against the law. Well, that I cannot debate except to try and change the law. Since it is against the law, at this time, what can I say? It’s only when the racism creeps in that I have a problem.

When a group states that all illegal immigrants are rapists and murders, as many have done, I have a problem with that. Not only because it’s merely a small percentage of the 12 – 20 million illegal immigrants that have actually committed violent crime, but because many of them are children. So these groups are claiming that children are rapists and murderers. That’s obviously absurd.

When a group feels that they need to burn another country’s flag to show people from that country that they’re not welcome I have a problem with that. When a group sticks video cameras in peoples faces in an obvious attempt to anger them and then shows everyone how mean those people are I have a problem with that too.

So being against illegal-immigration does not make you a racist, but your comments do and being in favor of better treatment of illegal-immigrants as well as those Hispanics that are so often mistaken for illegal immigrants does not make you a traitor.

It’s no secret that illegal immigrant raids by ICE will capture many people that are not illegal. Many reports state how swift and violent these raids can be and nobody I know would want their family members thrown around like pieces of garbage because ICE felt they “fit the description” of an illegal.

Now the hard core anti-immigrants are constantly having to defend themselves as not being racist. If you say terrible things about another ethnic group then you’re going to be called a racist. On this site I’ve devoted a few posts to a person I feel has made racist statements along with anti-immigrant statements. Some of them include:

Mexicans in general are users and takers and display an arrogance like no other culture. That is why Americans are starting to turn against them. For years we have probably had illegal immigrants from other cultures but this wave of arrogant Mexicans is waking us up to the entire problem and that will be their ultimate undoing which will send them back home. YAY!

We don’t need no stinking Mexicans in our towns and cities. If they want to come here legally, they are welcome to but most that are coming here illegally are not qualified to come here because they are not educated and they are without skills. That is WHY they are coming here illegally because they know we don’t really want them to come in the front door.

You want to fix the problem campaign for Mexico to take care of their own people dammit! It’s NOT OUR PROBLEM.

It doesn’t matter what label you want to give to people who break our laws. Calling them “undocumented” and “migrants” does not make Americans like it any more than if we call them what they really are “illegal aliens”. I think some better names for today might be “trunk rats” because wetback is SOOO passe…

Here I’ve been labeled a socialist and communist, which I am not.

Ahh.. the keyword “struggle” is used by socialist and communists. So now we see the truth about Charles Symsess eh?

Oh and did you know that slavery has been around ever since man walked the earth? Slaves built the pyramids. Should we tear them down because of it?

Commenting on the genocide against American Indians:

Give it up.. this is the way the world works and has worked for thousands of years. If people cannot defend their country against an invasion then the invaders take over. Oh yeah.. just like is happening now with illegal aliens. In Mexico it was the Spaniards. In Darfur it is the Muslims. Take ANY country and you will find another country has invaded it in the past – sometimes the invaders dominate and start a new country.. sort of like the United States of America.. We must have done a good job or so many would not want to come here.

Furthermore – we don’t need MORE IMMIGRANTS. We don’t need to help them come here FASTER. We already admit more immigrants to our country than ALL THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD COMBINED. Why on Earth do we need to bring in MORE? Don’t you like living on a 1-2 acre plot of land or do you prefer living like rats in a 500×500 lot? Immigrants built this country and any legal immigrants who go through the arduous process of coming here, deserve to come here and deserve to become a citizen. Our immigration process is NOT an open door. As a country we want to FILTER and allow in the best and the brightest – not the unskilled, uneducated lowlifes like we are getting smuggled in the backs of trucks. There is a REASON ALL COUNTRIES HAVE IMMIGRATION LAWS INCLUDING MEXICO. THERE IS A REASON IMMIGRATION IS LIMITED INTO A COUNTRY. I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THE US BEING PAINTED AS MAKING IT DIFFICULT FOR IMMIGRANTS. TRY LOOKING UP ANY OTHER IMMIGRATION LAWS FOR ANY OTHER COUNTRY INCLUDING MEXICO AND

And that’s why I’m here because my town is starting to look like Mexico. We have a historic district in my town in Norristown and it looks more like historic Mexico. They all stick together; there’s about fifty or sixty Mexican markets and things like that – they all stick – it’s just what’s happening to town so that’s why I’m here.

I also got mad when in my suburban neighborhood a house was bought, that is a group home, and this woman over here brought that up and it is a big problem. They buy a house – it was bought by the father – and there are three daughters, they each have children in our schools. None of them can speak English and it’s trashy out front – there’s two play pens out front.

So to sum it up – my problem are the terrible comments mixed in with comments that probably do speak to the mindset of many people on this issue. Though I don’t agree with everyone – I don’t have to nor do they have to agree with me, but if people are going to go around making terrible statements about a whole ethnic group then I’m going to make a note of it on this blog. Unfortunately for Ruth I’m in the northeast so those are the groups I pay attention to.

If I’ve made an unfair conclusion based on the comments quoted above then I apologize, but I don’t feel that I’ve done so.  I believe any sensible person would infer from the above quoted statements that the person who wrote them has a problem with Hispanics – in particular, Mexicans.

My criticism also includes for Voice Of The People USA and Joey Vento of Geno’s Steaks. Though most members of Voice Of The People USA are more careful with their language. The only problem they have is making their website look pretty and sometimes they’ll have major spelling issues. Illegal Protest, on the other hand, run by Ruth Miller, goes of the deep end with hateful statements and then refuses to acknowledge it. Instead Ruth is now threatening me for posting about her on this site. Well, I’m sorry I’ve done it because the fact that the material to post was there means we have a long way to go to make this world a better place.


8 thoughts on “What Makes A Racist & Does Being Against Illegal Immigration Make You One.”

  1. The fact is that you are not facing the bigger issue here. There is no worker shortage in the US. Outsourcing started in the 1980s, and has been going on ever since. Our government has been offering financial inducements for outsourcing, and even the democrats (of which party I still am affiliated with, though I don’t see myself staying with that party much longer) upon taking the majority have refused to tackle.

    What is worse is the willingness of dems to swallow the lie that we lack enough tech workers. We have been graduating a large amount of tech workers, high quality ones since the ’80s. Were there a shortage, engineers and other tech workers would not have been training their replacements. It is also a lie that Indian and other so called tech workers are harder working and more intelligent. What we have seen is a declining standard in support and quality of service from the major companies. It is because the Indian and other worker aren’t degreed or even certified, they have received a quickie course and rely on print outs.

    We have a declining pool of jobs domestically, and now have our government increasing competition for what jobs remaining. So with wages dropping, and American workers dollars buying less, another unfortunate side effect of the mass illegal alien problem is that the increased competition is forcing the costs of rents up. American citizens find that they aren’t able to benefit from the social welfare programs they have paid into, because their declining wages are still considered too high. Yet illegal aliens, who are allowed to illegally collect all kinds of benefits, with forged documents and stolen identities, are subsidizing the low wages they earn (and claim it’s a sign of their being better and harder workers), with welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies and medicaid. It’s robbing from the poor citizen, and it’s a backhanded form of corporate welfare.

    If you have ever lived on minimum wage in the not too distant past, then you would know that it’s not enough to afford rent, food, utilities and any other basics, let alone the expense of a car, cell phones, and other high cost toys that illegal aliens are buying. Let alone send to their home countries vast sums of money. There is a lot of welfare fraud going on, and struggling Americans are being forced to pay for it.

    We are told to care about human rights regarding illegals and how they have civil right in the US, but that is not true. Civil rights are those reserved for citizens. Speaking of which,tell me how humane it is to suppress the wages of workers, ,which causes dire poverty, malnutrition, anemia, diabetes and other illnesses and death. American men, women and chidren being dragged down into third world type poverty, and homelessness, because Bill Gates and his democratic leaders in congress for hire, will exploit their power for profit. Go to opensecrets.org and check the facts out for yourself. I voted for John Kerry in ’04, I learned today that Kerry has between 2 and 3 million invested in Microsoft, which I am sure had a bearing on his vote to approve unlimited visas as Bill Gates had suggested last year. What about conflict of interest?

    Have we allowed our constitution and bill of right to be treated as meaningless by our leaders by giving them the benefit of the doubt? Again, don’t talk about human rights if you are willingly blind and indifferent to the human rights of American citizens, too many of which live in the type of poverty we saw after hurricane Katrina.

    If you care about resolving the problem, you should be demanding our leaders force foreign leaders to raise wages and opportunities for their own people in their own countries. It would be easy to do, we’ve done it in the past. Cut off trade and any aid until they raise wages and opportunity. Believe me, they raised wages before, and they’d do it again. They gutted wages after NAFTA. Speaking of which, we need to end NAFTA or renegotiate it.

    ESL has proven a drain on schools. It was supposed to be for a year or two at most per student, it has now morphed into K-12 per student, millions of dollars per district, and since it’s implementation arts, music and other programs have gone. Schools can barely afford textbooks and other implements. Never mind the costs of overcrowded classrooms. It’s the same thing with health care. It’s hard enough to deal with the problem of citizens who aren’t covered, but our democratic leaders refuse to deal with our lack of access. These days, public hospitals in many states no longer accept medicare patients for doctor visits without a supplemental insurance. This hurts not only poor seniors, but poor disabled and critically ill patients like those waiting for transplants who have had to stop working and go on disability.

    What we see are declining wages, which does not occur with a shortage of workers. Economics teaches that declining wages is a sign of too much competition. Europe has learned that lesson and is now dealing with their excessive immigration problem. The UK has decided to curtail it’s immigration policy, and to start supporting British industry once again and offers incentives to those who keep jobs in the UK and hire British workers. They are even discussing legislation that would start an additional tax on immigrants for services like education, health care and other such things. They realize that they can not survive globalization based on third world standards.

    It is racist and exploitative to only seek to discuss the issue from the perspective of illegals. Poor Americans, happen to be black, brown and white, and they are demanding enforcement of laws, penalizing employers sharply, and illegals would self deport, its happening already. If all they are in search of is a better life, they can achieve it in their home countries, as American worker did here. The opportunities that came about in the last century wasn’t handed to poor American citizens, they fought and worked for them. Illegals can achieve those same things in their home countries, that is, if they truly are decent, hard working people.

  2. Way to go Jenny! Symsess is WAY off on calling me a racist by the way. I tend to VENT in my blog and you could substitute the word Irish, Italian, Martian or any group of people for MEXICAN in my statements. It just so happens that data proves that Mexicans do indeed have a higher percentage of overweight people and that results in higher diabetes and I am sick and tired of paying for them or ANYONE if they are not paying INTO the system and are more of a DRAIN.

    What I loathe is ANY group of people coming to my town in such numbers that they alter the cultural nature of the town, put their “own” stores with people speaking their “own” language on every corner to the point that I feel like a stranger or tourist in my own town. This is OUTRAGEOUS and our local, state and federal politicians are responsible for allowing this to happen.

    I do NOT fault the illegal aliens for trying to come here to have a better life. I am certain their life in Mexico or Guatemala is quite awful. However, I don’t need to encourage them or allow others to continue to encourage them to come here. THIS SOLVES NOTHING. We are a lifeboat in danger of sinking because we have taken on too many drowning victims. So people like symsess think it is just fine to let all the people in the life boat drown to save all the drowning people so that nobody ultimately is saved.

    You are 100% correct that the solution is to push for policies with our “trading partners” that pushes them to do the right thing for THEIR PEOPLE in THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!

    Furthermore, illegal immigration is what breaks up families. We hear cries of deportations being cruel because it “breaks up families” but encouraging people to come here illegally breaks up MORE families than does deportation. Many of these men have a new second family in the US. They left the first one behind when they crossed the border. Encouraging illegal immigration is what is cruel and heartless.

    If Symess actually took the time to read many more of my posts he would see he has jumped to wrong conclusions and for that he should apologize.

    There is a difference symsess, between disagreeing with someone and slandering their reputation and delving into their personal life as you have done by linking my breast cancer blog to illegal protest. With that you crossed the line into cruel and heartless and for that you should be very ashamed.

  3. The truth is I am ashamed because it was never my intention to turn this blog into a hate fest; however, when I received your first comments stating “Mexicans in general are users and takers”, calling me an idiot for my point of view, and then after watching your speech on You Tube I was highly offended. It’s easy to say you can replace any group with Mexican, but you didn’t state that before and it’s not my job to decide what you really mean.

    I know all the ills that are brought by illegal immigration and by terrible labor and living conditions abroad. My point is that you need not call a particular group of people terrible names in order to get your point across. Unfortunately that’s the majority of what is spoken at these anti-illegal immigrant rallies. Though, it is not all of what is said.

    As far as the breast cancer blog I will apologize for linking to that and I’ll remove it. My point of citing that part of your life was my inability to conceive how someone could be so positive and sympathetic in one regard, but then turn around and make fun of someone else for being predisposed to an illness. For that I believe you should apologize. Poking fun at others whether it is their appearance or their predisposition to an illness should never be a part of an illegal immigrant discussion. There are few people that would not see that kind of thing as hateful. And the truth is they do pay into the system. The IRS issues tax ID’s for people without Social Security cards and you yourself have stated that some have stolen Social Security cards, which means they are paying taxes. This is why they are working on the no-match letter issue.

    As I’m sure you are an intelligent person I do not believe you need to resort to base stereotyping to get your point across. My only request from anyone in this argument is to leave out the name calling, stereotypes, and any actions of hatred. Just read the paper and you’ll see there’s been many anti-black actions lately including nooses and graffiti. It’s obvious that there are still huge racial issues in this country and yes you have to consider that when speaking about illegal immigration. I’m not the only one who feels many against illegal immigration are simply against Hispanics because they think they are subhuman.

    Finally, as we can see above both you and Jenny have made comments about illegal immigration without using stereotypes, hate speech, or calling the author an idiot. It can be done.

  4. “Then there’s those on the far left that do support more immigration and/or a method for which illegal immigrants can become citizens are often called traitors. Though I would be grouped into this category by some the truth is I don’t support open borders, but I do support a stringent program through which illegal immigrants can become citizens. I basically support any humane, civilized, and compassionate solution.”

    -I agree that a humane solution is best, but have you wondered about whether these illegals are breaking the law or not? What part of “illegal” means giving a free pass (even if it’s a “stringent” pass)?

    “It’s only when the racism creeps in that I have a problem.”

    -bravo; totally agree.

    “My criticism also includes for Voice Of The People USA and Joey Vento of Geno’s Steaks. Though most members of Voice Of The People USA are more careful with their language. The only problem they have is making their website look pretty and sometimes they’ll have major spelling issues.”

    -You seem to be contradicting yourself. You’re whole post is essentially about how Americans shouldn’t generalize and make assumptions, but you just made one there. Rather hypocritical, dontcha think?

    And to Joey Vento’s sign:

    -Is “ridiculousness” even a word? Anyways, it’s not only directed to Hispanics, its to all races of immigrants. Why do you turn something like this into an automatic racist argument? It’s to ALL immigrants, including asians, europeans, everybody… if you wanna live in America, speak the language. Again, be careful with your assumptions…

    Peace out!

  5. All my issues with the above listed people are cited with factual examples in other posts. I do not generalize about these people I simply take their statements, in context, and reply to them.

    I do this because many people against immigration and illegal immigration say things that are hateful towards Hispanics. Furthermore there aren’t too many people really paying attention to some of these groups so I just want people to be aware of them as they are loud enough to cause change, though it may not be positive.

    And yes ridiculousness is a word just as Joey’s sign is aimed at Hispanics. If you believe that these groups are targeting all illegal immigrants then you should pay closer attention to their speeches. No other language is used besides Spanish when another language is used. It is true the majority of illegal immigrants are from south of the border, Mexico in particular, but you cannot state you’re against all illegal immigration if all you speak of are Hispanics.

    When we ask for immigration laws to be enforced we should also be asking that labor codes of conduct be enforced in other countries. When we fight for American we should also be fighting for the good of others around the world. We cannot use our time on this Earth to protect our “standard of living.” Your standard of living has nothing to do with your heart and your soul and it certainly won’t go with you into the afterlife. What we need to leave on this Earth, with our departure, is compassion toward others.

    I do not have a problem with those that want immigration laws enforced. It is only the hateful and sometimes racist comments that seem to follow this rally around.

    From “Behind The Gates” – ‘We are fortunate – all this time we have been given. We must use it well.’

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