Many N.J. kids embrace 2 worlds

Regardless of a person’s background, ethnicity, race, or culture we are all humans and we shouldn’t forget that. There are many recent immigrants among us and the majority of those immigrants are excited to be a part of this country. Let us not forget those people when dealing with the issue of illegal immigration.

Many N.J. kids embrace 2 worlds – Full Story
Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Report: New Jersey Immigrant Kids Count 2007

1 in 3 kids part of immigrant family

Nearly a third of all children in New Jersey live in immigrant families, according to a new report from the nonprofit Association for Children of New Jersey, which defines immigrant families as those in which at least one member is foreign-born.

The “New Jersey Immigrant Kids Count” report, released Tuesday, found that a strong majority of children in immigrant families — 87 percent — are U.S. citizens. An equal number speak English without difficulty.

Yet, while they are more likely than children in U.S.-born families to have at least one parent with stable employment, immigrant families tend to have lower median incomes than U.S.-born families. Children in immigrant families are twice as likely to lack health insurance.


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