Child study shows immigrant strides

Contradictory to the anti-illegal groups claims I believe there are very few immigrants who refuse to learn English. Children want to learn and in most immigrant families, legal or illegal, the children are learning English. What’s a shame is that these children will be bilingual while so many American born children fail to learn a second language.

Child study shows immigrant strides
Posted on Wed, Oct. 17, 2007

Child study shows immigrant strides
Nearly all N.J. youngsters in immigrant homes are U.S. citizens and English literate, it found.
By Geoff Mulvihill

Associated Press

Nearly nine in 10 children in New Jersey families that include an immigrant are U.S. citizens and can speak English well, according to a study released today by the Association for Children of New Jersey.
The study, produced by the group that does the annual KidsCount reports on the state of children in New Jersey, looks at the welfare of children in families that include at least one immigrant – in most cases a parent. The findings are based on an analysis of government statistics, including census data.


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