Democrats want Katherine Harris drafted for president

Katherine Harris was the Florida Secretary of State during the Presidential Election debacle of 2000 where thousands of black votes were not counted and the oh so famous chads hung on just long enough to ensure Bush was elected president.

Democrats want Katherine Harris drafted for president
BY BRENDAN FARRINGTONAP POLITICAL WRITERTALLAHASSEE, Fla. — If Republicans don’t think their presidential candidates are on the conservative extreme of issues important to them, Democrats are reminding them there is another choice: Katherine Harris.

The Florida Democratic Party is launching a parody Web site that will feature videos of Republican presidential candidates’ statements on issues like immigration, foreign policy, taxes and others. The idea is if they want someone on the far right on any of those topics, Harris is their candidate.

“It’s comparing her to the candidates on the Republican platform – who hates immigrants more, who will fight to reduce the number of children with health insurance, et cetera,” said Mark Bubriski, a spokesman for the state party.

Link to website – Draft Katherine Harris

Then and Now – Katherin Harris


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