Mexican returned to US on drug charges

A story like this tells me that the Mexican authorities are cooperating with the US when it comes to criminals. Therefore I’d have to believe it is not their goal to send terrorists across our border. Though it may be possible that some make it across the crowd pressuring for tougher immigration laws seems to believe that Mexico’s immigration laws and enforcement are far superior to those of the the US.  So when the question is asked – how can terrorists get through the tough enforcement in Mexico, those same groups will state that Mexico, and other South American countries are helping them.  Seems strange to me.

Mexican returned to US on drug charges
Fri Oct 19, 2:27 AM ET

LOS ANGELES – A Mexican man suspected of distributing hundreds of pounds of cocaine each year to California, Alaska and other states has been extradited to the U.S. to face drug charges.


Francisco “Pancho” Aviles-Perez, who had been held in a Mexican detention facility, was turned over to the FBI and taken to Los Angeles on Wednesday, agency spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said Thursday.

Aviles-Perez, 61, was arrested by Mexican authorities nearly a year ago near his home in Sinaloa after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration discovered his whereabouts.


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