‘Race row’ Nobel winner suspended

Stories like this are why I have taken to “exposing” anti-immigrant and anti-illegal immigrant groups who choose to make derogatory statements towards others. However, I guess the ramifications are only proportional to your celebrity. James Watson is now feeling the sting of the comments he made about Africans though when I quote a comment from someone stating Mexicans are stupid, fat, ugly, or any thing else derogatory people (of the same mindset as the person quoted, I’m sure) seem to come to their defense.

It is obvious, by this story, that most people will not accept these crass comments about groups of people. Therefore I would not be doing my job on this blog if I did not expose the prejudice and racism exhibited by these groups.

‘Race row’ Nobel winner suspended
LONDON, England (CNN) — Nobel laureate biologist James Watson was suspended Friday from his longtime post at a research laboratory and canceled his planned British book tour after controversial comments that black people are not as intelligent as white people.

James Watson won the 1962 Nobel prize for discovering the structure of DNA.

Watson has apologized for the controversial remarks.

He failed to appear to a book signing at a London bookshop Friday afternoon, and organizers of his planned Sunday evening talk at Newcastle’s Center for Life said they had been informed Watson would not appear because he was already on a flight home to the States.

The board of trustees at New York’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which Watson has led for nearly four decades, said they had suspended his administrative responsibilities pending a review of his comments.


7 thoughts on “‘Race row’ Nobel winner suspended”

  1. Well he shouldn’t have said it but. there must be some truth in it look at all the money and programs the government has come up with to try and bring the blacks up to grade level with the whites. They had plenty of time to catch up but it ain’t happening! Sorry

  2. Gary, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read (after Watson’s comment). What, you’re smarter than Condi, or Colin, or Cornell West? Or more to the point… are all white students at the same level of achievement regardless of their economic, social or cultural backgrounds?

    How ’bout we leave color/race out of it and realize that individuals are just that… and some do well while others don’t for a variety of reasons – and sometimes for no reason at all… geez.

  3. Regardless of his belief on intelligence by race, he should not be suspended. There should be freedom of speech, although other people do not need to agree with the speech. Given that Watson has accomplished great scientific work in the past, I lend greater creedence to his beliefs and opinions than the average person, and would like to see the tests he is referring to.

  4. This scientist made comments that have nothing to do with his profession as a scientist – suspending him is one more example of political correctness. The man should be able to state his opinion forthrightly and held responsible for his statements. Suspension goes against his civil freedom of speeck.

  5. We have gotten to a very dangerous point. There was once such a thing in the US as fredoom of speech. We were free to express an opinion , no matter how radical, without having to fear someone trying to shut me up. Now I feel that the peopl in the US have taken that right away from me.
    I mean everyone. If I dont agree with your positon, then I cant talk. This is pure hogwash.
    I shoudl be able to express my opiunion and have others disagree. All thsi is doing is making us bitter, keeping outr oipinions to ourselves and it is killing provocative and much needed discourse in America.
    I totally disagrree with this person’s poistion but he has a right to express it without fear of loosing his job!!
    This is no longer the country I emigrated to. What a pity!!

  6. i show up at work with both blacks and whites.But thats were the different world starts.first think at our morning meeting three out of the five blacks in our group will sleep(foreman know better than say anything to them),next will all get our job ass.the whites get all the real work because if they give it to the blacks the jobs won’t get done for a very wide verity of reasons.there are both black males and females i now that are very talented and do good work,but it seams when they get together they want to stick it to whitey.all five guys in my shop still think OJ was framed.thats why it pisses me off when you take our freedom of speech away from use in the name of racism………………….

  7. I am aghast to find that there are those who agree with Watson and his racist, unscientific and unfounded beliefs, despite the fact that other noteworthy scientists have denounced his ignorant claims. There were similarly racist minds ot some scientists that helped to foster the Holocaust via their beliefs that the Jews were somehow “impure”, inferior and therefore worthy of the evils and attrocities leveled against them. There were racist minds that nurtured the unspeakable horrors of th African slave trade. With the generational ravages of slavery still ever present, racist minds would then accuse Africans and people of African descent of not recovery fast enough. Stop using race to justify faulty and nefarious reasoning and beliefs! When we fall prey to racist beliefs we are trapped, incapable of respecting each other. Know that only individuals who are immensely insecure about themselves go to lengths to mask that insecurity by attacking/degrading others, racially or otherwise.

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