Lakewood Immmigration Rally – “Rally proceeds peacefully” – Asbury Park Press

Of all the people that spoke at this rally Ruth Miller got the spotlight in the news. So she’s also getting the spotlight on this blog. Yes Ruth you are becoming a celebrity, or public figure, of sorts and I won’t let people think that you’re just a nice lady trying to spread the word about illegal immigration. The more I fight with the idea of being nicer the more I am reminded that I’d be very ineffective in that role because a nice blog wouldn’t include nasty comments made by other people. Unfortunately I would not be fulfilling the credo of this blog by always being nice. Ruth’s prominence in the news has reconfirmed my need to document the nasty things she says just as you would any other public figure.

Here’s Ruth in the paper with her quote that:

“They are using our social services and it’s costing us,” said Ruth Miller, a speaker at the rally who runs the anti-illegalimmigration Web site,

This is why I must continue to expose people for who they really are. When you become a public figure, featured in the newspapers, allowing your image and quotes to be published, you are in the public eye. (Link to article)

Click here to read more, less flattering, quotes from Ruth Miller.


2 thoughts on “Lakewood Immmigration Rally – “Rally proceeds peacefully” – Asbury Park Press”

  1. Yes Ruth. I can’t wait for your movie to hit the theaters. Aren’t you to star as Cruella De Ville in a live action version of 101 Dalmatians?

    Your smug confidence is only shadowed by your hatred of others.

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