Towns Experiment With Anti-Immigrant Laws

Having canceled their Latino Festival the citizens of Manassas are showing questionable motivation for their desire to rid themselves of “illegals.” It seems to be having a bad effect on legal Hispanic residents as is evident by the festival’s cancellation.

Towns Experiment With Anti-Immigrant Laws – Full Story
Manassas, Va., Oct. 20, 2007
(CBS) Here in Manassas, home of the first battle of the Civil War, passions are once again hitting fever pitch. This time, illegal immigration has ignited a fury between long-time residents and a rapidly growing population of newcomers, reports CBS News correspondent Joie Chen.

Long simmering tensions came to a head this week when more than a thousand people packed a county board meeting.

“This country is being invaded no less than if hordes of armed people came across its borders,” said one speaker.

“I fought for this country, across here, which one of you fought for this country?” asked another. “And now you’re sitting down there trying to pass a bill that will — you know what? Forget the bill,” the man said, stalking off the podium.

What’s happening in Manassas is described in the following quote:

“People were ruled by fear,” said David Verduin, who heads a group of landlords and business owners in the town. “A lot of immigrants stopped coming downtown, and even people from outside of town didn’t come in because they were afraid.”


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