Zorro Says I’m Hiding?

This was taken off the Asbury Park Press comments section for the Lakewood Rally news story. I find it funny that I guy referring to himself as Zorro is stating I’m hiding on the internet. Who is Zorro anyway? Well just as you say Zorro – thanks for the plug and don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.

If it excites you to have me prove your cohorts are racists with comments they’ve actually stated along with my providing of the very location of those statements then I guess that says who you are too.

By the way racists are despicable and overcoming denial is the first part of finding a way to their cure. These hatist find it hard to understand that if they did not make hateful statements and accusations I wouldn’t write about them. Tell the truth about illegal immigration, stop the name calling and fear mongering, and I’ll have no need to feature you on this blog.

And Zorro, as for your statement that my blog will be short lived – I hope so because that’ll mean those of your ilk or “you’re side” as you say will be acting like better citizens rather than out of control mob mentality hate preachers.


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PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:13 pm Post subject:
rustycharlie – with your need to paint others as racist – you sound a LOT like Charles Symsess of American Humanity blog – which I am sure will be short lived in the world of blogs.. You are what I call a cyber sniper. Not enough balls to stand up and speak out in public but LOADS of bravado when sitting at a computer… People like you are despicable. In fact, when our side gets such hateful criticism, it just tells me we are doing something right because we are getting a reaction from those who would shelter illegal aliens. So keep it up!

The following information is from the Alcoholics Anonymous website regarding denial which I think these people suffer through. (And no I’m not an alcoholic and I believe alcohol is a waste of time.)

A renowned psychiatrist, who served as a nonalcoholic trustee of the A.A. General Service Board, made the following statement: “Singleness of purpose is essential to the effective treatment of alcoholism. The reason for such exaggerated focus is to overcome denial. The denial associated with alcoholism is cunning, baffling, and powerful and affects the patient, helper, and the community. Unless alcoholism is kept relentlessly in the foreground, other issues will usurp everybody’s attention.”


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