Morristown mayor featured on PBS special

At least the mayor isn’t stating that all illegal immigrants are involved in violent crime.

Here’s a link to the program mentioned below. “Now” on PBS.
Watch the beginning and you’ll see a woman yelling “f-you I want my country back.” That woman shouted at the protesters using curse words and other obscene gestures.  It is also important to note the woman’s sign which said “Welcome to America Mexico.” Seems like she might be targeting one group of illegal immigrants in particular. Also in the beginning of the video you’ll see a girl coloring in a “deport illegals” sign – she’s a member of Stormfront, a white supremacist group, as is the guy that yells “lock ’em up.”

Cresitello spoke of efforts to give police broader power to deal with illegals

Monday, October 22, 2007

MORRISTOWN — Mayor Donald Cresitello has appeared on a public broadcasting program episode, where he spoke about towns dealing with immigration.

The show, “Now,” aired on PBS stations on Friday and Sunday.

Cresitello has made headlines for his move to have approximately 10 Morristown police officers become deputized immigration agents as part of a Homeland Security Department program known as 287(g). The application, which was sent to officials in March, is under review.

Rober Patten, mayor of Hightstown, stated in the article:

We are not interested in doing that,” he said. “That is a federal matter. I cannot justify stopping someone on the street for identification without probable cause.”


3 thoughts on “Morristown mayor featured on PBS special”

  1. Ok now you are guilty of slander Charles. I never uttered a single curse word at the Morristown rally but you wouldn’t know that because YOU WEREN’T THERE. This is called slander, libel you name it and I am SICK OF YOUR LIES TO FURTHER YOUR OWN FEEL GOOD LIBERAL AGENDA.

    But you know what? If I DID curse at the counter-protestors I would have been JUSTIFIED. THEY were cursing at US and calling all of us racists and that is what is truly hateful and civil war provoking.

    The scummy level you people will bow to for your “feel good” agenda never ceases to amaze me.

  2. AND it just so happens that most of the illegal aliens currently invading our towns ARE from Mexico.. so we are in the right to be against the Mexican invasion AND the Mexican interference in our country. If you are so sympathetic why don’t you seem to care one bit about the HISPANIC BORDER AGENTS WHO ARE IN PRISON FOR DOING THEIR JOB? Why isn’t NCLR or the ACLU helping these Border Agents? Clearly a double standard. They will fight for SOME Hispanics – like the illegal aliens ones – but Hispanic law enforcement agents vs a Mexican drug smuggler and they will side with the drug smuggler every time. Hypocrites!!!

  3. Ok, Ruth – I said you just yelled. I don’t know what you were saying. The other woman is clearly heard cursing on the above video.

    If you didn’t curse then so be it, but I have pictures of you yelling, pointing, and waiving your camera around right next to this woman. If you want me to post them just say the word.

    Weren’t you supposed to be listening to the speeches? Why were you bothering with the protesters? I’d figure you’d want to get closer to the stage. The videos seem to enforce the fact that the yelling from the protesters did not make the speeches inaudible – if that was your reason. Though it did seem like most of those attending the rally were able to keep their composure and pay attention to the speeches.

    Yes, I was there. That’s why I started this blog.

    When you first discovered this blog you said you wouldn’t waste your time here anymore; yet you continue to drop by. Well, I’m tired of having to deal with you so you need not worry about anything else from me. Except to document the rallies you speak at or any news articles you’re in I’ll never mention you again.

    You have every right and ability to post responses to anything I write so feel free to do so. There is no mediation on this blog. Once you type it, it’s up for anyone to read.

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