Are There Borders in Heaven?

I cannot attest to the validity of the claims in this following link, but it’s none-the-less an interesting write-up on Diane Reaves. She organized the Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally.

A Not So Humble Angel

However, I did find this post from the Minutemen message boards which I find strange.

Topic: What are the most Pressings in America today?
Diane Reaves

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Forum: Open Forum Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:54:13 pm Subject: pressing issues
Good points Nan – I would have to agree with them. If we started to actually PUT GOD FIRST then our lives would dramatically change here in America. There is so much rampant sin and hatred, cruelty an …

Diane, if we put God first there wouldn’t be all of this hate speech and calling everyone a felon. I’m pretty sure that putting God first means putting the laws of man second. Therefore you wouldn’t speak so ill of your fellow man.  Does Jesus care about the laws of man?  Will obeying those that are not addressed by the Ten Commandments get you a better place in Heaven?  Are there borders in Heaven?  Should we add an Eleventh Commandment? “Thou Shalt Not Cross A Country’s Border Without Permission?

Here’s a strange segment of the forum where they seem to be besmirching Mormons. (click here)

I’ve never seen the word “dude” used in written form so much. Is she using speech translation software? Why would you write dude all the time? Weird. (more posts)

Here’s another post where Diane believes the laws of man should come before the laws of God. (my opinion of course). Wouldn’t a Christian want to help their fellow man? This is what is strange Diane.  And the image was part of her post.

Diane Reaves

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Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:51:10 pm Post subject: video


Its getting to the point I just can’t stomach these folks any longer. I honestly don’t understand what on earth they truly think about what they are doing – Its mind boggling, and blantantly accepted by so many that what they are doing is honky dorey ~ It seems that no one has a grasp on what is truly right and wrong – Such a sad sight for our children to see who also can’t understand our government’s position in all of this; and why they are doing nothing – The level of deep corruption is so visible – you really do have to wonder; where indeed will we be in 20 years?!



And finally, from Save Our State, are there “illegals” in Heaven? I would think that trying to help others would be the Christian thing to do not trying to have people deported. But hey, what do I know?

humble angel

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Thanks for the great welcome folks ~

Lets see how did I know we were being taken over in Jersey; I have lived here since the 80’s and have seen neighborhood after neighborhood taken over by the so-called boarding houses, filled to the brim with illegals. ————————————————————————

I now home school our children, because of the HUGE influx in our public schools in the area. Its just amazing the change in only a few years there! These schools have all scored FAILED marks in Ocean County, so badly, they refuse to post the scores on the internet.

And another great trick that bothers these illegals to no end; taking their picture! They like to stand outside my house, I’m surrounded by them. And the men try to stare me down and intimidate me – as if!! So I smile real cute-like, go inside and come back with a camera and start snapping away!! I tell ya, you can clear a whole street in less than two minutes! Its stopped them from trying to mess with me. And as long as you are taking photos in PUBLIC VIEW, its completely legal. Remember follks, these people are ILLEGAL, they do not have the same rights as we do. (though most times you surely wouldn’t know it)

Didn’t mean to write a book – Just real passionate about this.

humble angel


Yeah, take their picture then you can show it to God as proof that you deserve to go to Heaven.  They don’t have the same rights as we do?


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