Lakewood, NJ – Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally – Diane Reaves & Gayle Kesselman – Pt 1

I’ve transcribed a few speeches since I started this blog and these are definitely the longest I have encountered. Therefore I have to break Gayle’s up into two parts.

Much of this speech is spent in repetition and trying to gather thoughts.  Apparently she had no prepared speech, but instead decided to just wing it.  This usually proves bad for the audience as is my experience with these rallies.  Further to this there is really no information here (so far – we still have part 2 to come). The only thing I can take away from this speech are those numbers that I’m supposed to believe FAIR correctly stated, in their report, regarding money spent on social services for illegal immigrants and the money sent over to Latin American country, which I believe can from the Intra-American Development Bank, which Gayle fails to accurately speak about below. And more from the US Department of Commerce Website.

She reels you in thinking you’re going to hear some profound reason for or learn of her moment of epiphany when she decided to join this fight. Instead you just hear her try to make the audience believe that when she recognized here waiter didn’t speak English well she really wasn’t thinking about this.  Then one day she decided (for reasons she did not give) to go hear Susan Tully, of FAIR, speak and then a anti-illegal immigrant protestor was born.  Now, let’s not forget that the founder of FAIR, John Tanton, is quoted as stating “As whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?”

Diane Reaves:

Thank you Ruth. I just wanted to say a few things between speakers instead of going through a whole long speech I figured I break it up.

As a daughter of legal immigrant who came through Ellis Island in the late 1800’s I have been raised to respect the laws of America. I have been raised to respect and obey our law enforcement officers of men and women. The same police officers who stand among us today for our own safety. They put their lives on the line every day they are out there working trying to keep the rest of us safe, but how safe can they (crowd applauds) How safe can they keep us if illegal criminal aliens spitting in our collective faces by refusing to obey and respect our laws. Are we not a nation of laws. (Yes we are, but few obey all of those laws. Just look at your fellow motorists. Easy example.) Do we not have the best justice system on the planet. (This is debatable as in America many get away with crimes, especially white collar crimes.) Are we really willing to throw that all away and allow others to venture here to do nothing more than break every law they happen to disagree with? It’s time to stop the double standard and enforce the laws for all who visit here, move here, or wish to become a citizen of this nation. Our next speaker we have is Gail Kesselman. Gail is the founder along with John Rucki and Carmen Morales of the New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control. (applause)

New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control is a grass roots non-partisan organization with a mission to see our borders secure and our laws enforced. A little over a year old NJCIC already has several hundred members scattered all over the state of New Jersey. (Not very committed I guess as the rally only drew 60 people.)Dr. Kesselman is the daughter of a legal immigrant. (Why is this always stated? No kidding, it would be odd for her to be a daughter of an illegal immigrant supporting this rally.)Dr. Kesselman is passionate about America and the mission of NJCIC. Gale is old enough to remember when being a citizen of the United States of America was a precious privilege, not a cheap giveaway for unscrupulous politicians trolling for our votes. (Is she old enough to remember when African slaves were not considered citizens?)Ladies and gentlemen may I present Dr. Gail Kesselman. (applause)

Gayle Kesselman:

Thank you Diane, thank you. Thanks for putting together this rally. This is really something. I know what you went through and it’s really great that we’re here.

Um, I want to just say a few words about how I got involved with this, because I think it might be somewhat instructive. Cause I would say up until about two years ago or so, maybe a little more. (Man from audience “we can’t hear you out here.) Can you hear me now? Now?

Ok, just want to give a little history of how I got involved with this because I think it might be somewhat instructive. Um, up until about two maybe two and a half years ago , um I really didn’t have too much interest in this to be quite honest. Um, I would go to a restaurant with my husband and we would have waiters who seemed to be, you know, maybe didn’t speak English that well and I just thought well probably they’re here from some other country and maybe they’re here legally or illeg…. it wasn’t even something I thought about very much, to the extent that I thought about it. (It sounds like she was thinking about it to me. ) If I asked anyone about it or read anything about it I would hear people say, well these people are here doing the jobs that Americans won’t do. And then I though, well, well that’s um, that’s pretty good, you know because like if they weren’t here all the restaurants would have to close down and the lawns would be overgrown with weeds and I mean the whole country would just grind to a halt. It’s like we’d just be really uh, we’d be really in a heap of trouble without these people so it’s pretty good here right? (Ok, this is the setup where we’re supposed to go, yeah, but, um. Hey, wait a minute. We don’t need those people.)

And you know so I kind of accepted the common wisdom that we hear all around us and I guess I didn’t think to much about it, cause if I’d thought to much about it I’d of said ‘gee, you know the country began, uh, you could say in 1776 so somehow for a little over two hundred years we managed to get the restaurants were open and the lawns were mowed and you know everything seemed to be fine and it’s really only since sometime in the 1980’s that we started seeing a lot of people coming over. (What? Only recently we saw a lot of people coming over. What country is she talking about? How can this person be a doctor and/or have a PhD? Remember when slaves mowed our lawns Gayle? Are you saying that everything was fine in America up until 1980? This is ridiculous and fails to consider the horrors of our past. She exhibits the same ‘numb to our past’ mentality as most other anti-immigrants.)

Um so what is it that’s different now? (What’s different is you see more Hispanics than you want to see and now you’re upset just like everyone else at the rally. – my opinion.) I mean how did this all change? So I guess I started to question a little bit and then Sue Tully from FAIR (Their founder, John Tanton, has a quote on my Scary Quotes page.)came to town uh were I, in Bergen County, which is where I live. And she gave a talk and I went to hear her talk and I was really astounded because it really opened my eyes, uh, to a lot of what’s going on with this issue and a lot of which um was not presented, is not, and still not being presented in the mainstream media and you really have to go on blogs like Ruth Miller’s blogs and uh you know we send out informational emails from my, our organization, various organizations, to try to get some facts, to really put together what’s going on here. And, um, so I started researching is and I don’t want to go through you know, like a whole lot of uh statistics and stuff. I want to just do two things that I think are really important and everybody should have – any of you that are active in this movement need to know, need to have these numbers you know in your head.

Um, I’m going to start out with a question. How, do you know how much the state of New Jersey pays for services for illegal aliens? Anybody got a guess? (Ok, let’s fail to recognize that as a matter of fact illegal immigrants do pay taxes. That is never mentioned by these people because it doesn’t make the argument as good.)(Man shouts “too much!”) Too much, ok. Any idea, anybody want to throw out a number? (Man shouts “3 billion.”) I’m hearing all different numbers – 2, FAIR did a study on this (I trust their study. I’m sure it wasn’t weighted at all by agenda.)2.1 billion dollars per year. 2.1 billion dollars per year. That’s a conservative estimate. Now they did this study by looking at um, at three factors only – education, healthcare, and incarceration for criminals. (As apposed to incarceration for children, which is what happens before they’re deported.)Ok, so they looked at, they did an estimate, for example, for education, the number of uh children of illegal immigrants that are in the school system and they looked at the cost of education from K through 12 and so they figured out the cost somewhere I think about 1.8 something billion, you know. (Yeah, why bother getting the numbers right. That’s not important.) And they looked at incarceration and healthcare, pretty much the same way and they didn’t even look at like the soft costs, things like bilingual interpreters (yes this is providing someone a job – probably an American citizen, but who cares.)in the court system and you know welfare benefits for American citizens and legal residents that have been pushed out of their jobs, you know they didn’t even look at that stuff, I mean it was a very conservative study. So that’s 2.1 billion dollars of your taxes that are going for social services for illegal immigrants, ok. Or illegal aliens, whatever…

The other thing is how much money do you think is leaving the state of New Jersey in the form of remittances going to Latin America? Anybody got an idea? Million dollars? Remittances are like people that come over here and do, you know, day labor construction, whatever, and they send money back home, you know, in the form of small checks that go to their families. (A man says “about a billion.”) Yep, about a billion, and there’s also agency called the Inter-America Development Bank which is a Latin America agency formed in the 1950’s which monitors economic and social progress in Latin American countries. They keep track of this. Now this is not some right wing think tank or something. This is a Latin American agency and they have done studies of this and you can go on their website and get this information, um, and they estimate over a billion dollars from New Jersey, they also estimate that based on current figures by 2010, and there was an article in the Washington Post a couple of months ago. They estimate that from the country as a whole, from the United States as a whole by the year 2010 it’s going to be over a hundred billion dollars. Now this is money that is leaving our country. This is money that could be used to improve our infrastructure. (Yes and Americans also send billions of dollars outside the country in the name of charity – link) This is money that can be used to bolster our economy. (How?)And, um, if you go on their website, it’s just interesting, because I had to laugh. It’s not funny, but you know if you don’t laugh you cry. If you go on their website where they have this, they have these maps and these figures, uh, the Inter-America Development Bank – they have a title for it and it’s called “Exporting Financial Democracy” (she laughs) I mean, like when the money leaves here and goes there its exporting financial democracy – I mean, c’mon. Um, ok so those are the facts and you know why is this happening? I mean what’s going on here, why, why is all this money leaving our country? Why are we spending all of this money on services for people? It’s like to corporations and the politicians are bringing, they’re importing third world poverty into our country and we the middle class are paying for this. We are paying for the social services for these people (As are they since they pay taxes.) while the corporate elites and politicians are getting rich. (I think they’re already rich.)

So what’s going on here? Why are they doing this? Well I’ve been thinking about this cause I’m really kind of curious as to what’s going on (I’m sure they weren’t aware – you only formed a group which I believe implies you are interested in the issue which your group is against)and I think there’s two possibilities. I think there’s, I think there’s two possibilities and I’m not sure which is true, but I’m going to throw it out there as just something to think about and if you have any ideas you let me know. I think for one thing I think there’s a certain arrogance. I think there are people in power that just – it’s like they just feel like this country is rich and it’s powerful and nothing’s going to change you know there’s nothing that can harm us. There’s nothing, you know, no matter what we do we’re always going to be rich and powerful. Well the fact is we are a rich and powerful country, but we’re not going to be rich and powerful for very long if this keeps up. (I’m sorry, but you’re talking about small pence when compared to the money this country is borrowing to fund the Iraq war. Maybe you should be protesting against that.)Ok, so that’s something that we need to, that we need to know. The other possibility is that they couldn’t care less. They just don’t care about the middle class. They don’t care about hard working people that are legal citizens, legal residents and citizens, and um as long as they’re doing alright I guess they figure that eventually this country’s going to have what’s called an hour glass economy. There’s going to be a whole bunch of people at the bottom, a small group of people at the top, and essentially no middle class. (I’d have to look this up, but it sounds more like a pear.)And as long as they make out ok, you know they couldn’t care less. (Well since all these rallies long for the days of yore, why not just go back to when that’s the way the economy worked in this country – rich and poor with not much in between.)


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