Lakewood, NJ – Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally – Ruth Miller’s Speech

Here is the first one and a half parts of the Lakewood “Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally” videos on You Tube. (Click here to watch.) I’ll continue posting the speeches and my response (opinion) to comments, in blue as I can transcribe them.

To sum up Ruth’s speech: She’s not racist, but La Raza is and you’d better watch out because La Raza is planning to conquer America. (This is similar to what the Irish Catholics went through, in this country, not so long ago when it was common thought that the Pope wanted to take over America.) Further to this, any group that seeks to help a minority (Anglos are very much still the majority in America) which is being discriminated against is now racist. Well, if this is true there are many pro Asian, Indian, American Indian, and African-American groups to attack.

If reading Ruth’s speech where she tries to prove that La Raza is racist is not enough then here’s a forum trying to prove that blacks, and other minority groups, are racist.

Are these groups racist too?
National Anthem is Sung.


That was great. Ok we’re going to get started with our first speaker will be Ruth Miller. Ruth has an illegal immigration blog and discussion forum called “Illegal Protest.” Ruth has been involved in fighting illegal immigration in her local area and in the nation since the fall of 2006. In April 2007 Ruth traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in Blogger’s Row for the “Hold Their Feet To The Fire” event. Please welcome Ruth Miller. (applause)

Ruth Miller’s Speech:

Can everybody hear ok? Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick and tired of being attacked as a racist simply because I am against illegal immigration. (From crowd “That’s Right.” Ok, Ruth stop making statements that can be reasonably construed as racist. You’re being “attacked” as you say because you have stated that Mexicans are users and takers (see here), and you joke about Mexicans that have diabetes. You’re not being “attacked” because you are simply against illegal immigration. Stop trying to be the martyr. There is nothing wrong with being against illegal immigration. It’s hate that cannot be tolerated.)

(And Ruth if you’re going to come on here and make comments try to actually make a point rather than calling me an idiot and a traitor which I consider to be libelous as it is an accusation of treason which is a punishable offense. Fighting for human decency is in no way treasonous whereas calling for the assassination of politicians could be considered such (see Frank Jorge).

Let me be perfectly clear. I am against illegal immigration no matter what race the illegal alien might be. Currently the majority of illegal aliens come here from Mexico and I don’t like them. Does that mean I hate Mexicans? No! (No that does not mean you hate Mexicans. Making fun of their disposition to diabetes does.) Many are from other Latin American countries. Does that mean I hate Hispanics? No! I don’t judge people based on the color of their skin. I judge people on whether they do the right thing. And illegal aliens are not doing the right thing. They disrespect our laws, they disrespect our country, and our language, and they disrespect themselves. They also disrespect legal immigrants.

Speaking of racism I’d like to share some information that I’ve learned about a group you may have heard about – The Nation Council of La Raza. (booing from audience – So she doesn’t like to be called a racist, but she has no problem turning that word on someone else?)The phrase La Raza translates to “The Race.” Yet you will find public statement from this group saying that it does not translate to “The Race.” Go anywhere on-line that will do a translation from Spanish to English and you will see it means “The Race.” So what race are they referring to exactly? The Hispanic race or the Latino race and only that race. This racist group wants the Latinization of America. (This statement is a scare tactic in my opinion. Is it also slander? The National Council of La Raza website explicitly states their name does not mean “The Race,” but I guess Ruth knows better than they do. Does Ruth also think that the expression raining cats and dogs means that cats and dogs will begin falling from the sky? Not all translation is literal. By this definition here’s another racist organization.)They want power to Latinos and only to Latinos who will then help their own. Their motto is “for the race and for everyone else, nothing.” (Where is this motto stated?)And guess what? They are funded by you the taxpayer to further their racist Latino agenda as well as many of the largest corporations in America. La Raza is behind many of the groups which fight against our efforts to stop illegal immigration; yet, they say publicly they support securing our borders.

La Raza actually worked with Ted Kennedy in crafting the recent amnesty legislation behind closed doors. In 1994 California Proposition 187 was created to deny illegal aliens social services, health-care, and public education and was supported by 58% of the California voters. (Very aptly named proposition.)At the recent La Raza Miami conference Janet Murguía said this about Proposition 187. “And when California passed Proposition 187 we mobilized to protect immigrants and their families. The National Council of La Raza also worked to defeat Arizona Proposition 200, which requires individuals to produce proof of citizenship before they register to vote or apply for public benefits. Proposition 200 was supported by 56% of Arizona voters. Here is what La Raza said in their talking points in a document entitled “No to 200.” “Proposition 200 is an attack on our community.” Is that the illegal alien community? “The very idea tha Arizona would need to be protected from immigrants that come here bringing strong family values and build strong communities is an insult to all of us.” They go on to say “Our children will be discriminated against in school. It will be more difficult to get healthcare. Will our kids have to show papers to get on public buses and join public soccer leagues?” Well yes, if you’re here illegally yes? (How can you tell if someone is here illegally? Because they’re Hispanic? Should we all have to carry our birth certificates around now and go through checkpoints everywhere we go? Why not just force grocery stores to require citizenship papers from their patrons? This way we’ll starve the illegals out.)

More quotes from Janet Murguía at this summer’s La Raza conference. She says:

“Let’s renew American by graduating more students, increasing the number of Latino homeowners, creating more businesses, sitting on more boards, and running for office. Let’s weave ourselves so deeply into the American fabric, into schools, neighborhoods, offices, and industries so that there is no longer any room for the Latino bashers.”(This is called assimilation. It is when a group becomes a part of another group. Janet is stating that if Hispanics are ingrained more deeply in the American fabric then they’ll suffer less racism. Is that not an acceptable conclusion? Is my translation of this statement not racist and hateful enough?)

You are what she calls Latino bashers – because you’re against illegal immigration. (Maybe you’re right, but I think she’s referring to people that say Mexicans are fat and lazy and deserve to get diabetes and people that have avatars showing the Mexican flag being urinated on.) She goes on to say:

“Our goal in this campaign is to have the largest Hispanic voter turnout in history.” Next year – And you know who’s helping her do that is New York governor Elliot Spitzer. (boos from audience and smile from Ruth.) When Alberto Gonzalez won the nomination for Attorney General Janet Murguía had this to say to him – “We want to make sure that people understand that we are reaching out to this administration. We think it’s a unique opportunity when a President is in his second term to get things done. We are going to put our people first.” And this is what he replied. “I have this organization to thank for supporting my nomination for Attorney General,” and that he and La Raza share a commitment to Latinos. This is the Attorney General. You know what I say to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez? “Good Riddance.” (Microphone starting buzzing heavily as she said this. Ruth starts laughing and people one person is clapping. “Say it again.” The microphone buzzes again.) Ok. Did you…I said good riddance just in case you didn’t hear me. (She laughs) He’s trying to sabotage me. Speaking to another group of Latinos Janet Murguía said this, “We have cemented our position as the nation’s largest ethnic minority. We are the fastest growing consumer market experiencing exponential annual growth that has put our combined purchases near the trillion dollar mark and their has been a great deal of attention to Latinos as the fastest growing block of voters having added 2 million new voters in just 4 years.” Now how many of those are illegal aliens? (From the audience, “Nobody will know.”)

Also at the Miami conference for La Raza was Walmart’s CEO H. Lee Scott who said this to his Latino audience at this conference. “The fact is the Hispanic buying power in the US is projected to reach 1.2 trillion dollars by the 2011. From 1990 to 2011, if trends continue, Hispanic buying power will have grown more than 450%. That compares to a growth rate of only 176% for non-Hispanic buying power.” And that’s you people. (So you’ve just claimed that there are no Hispanics in your audience when you have a Hispanic woman as a speaker. Way to get all “white-European” on Carmen. Isn’t she Hispanic? Isn’t Scott talking about her too? He did not, nor did you quote him as saying, “illegal” Hispanic immigrants.) So they’re seeking to out buy us. (Now remember this is simply Hispanics consumers versus all other consumers. They did not state “illegal” Hispanic consumers. Therefore Ruth is stating that it is “us” which I’ll give her some slack and say whites (Anglos), African-Americans, and Asians versus Hispanics. She has spun a “be proud of yourselves” Hispanic conference into an anti everyone but Hispanics conference which she then twisted into an anti-Hispanic, or anti-La Raza, speech for her Lakewood audience. – my opinion of course)It’s no wonder Walmart is kissing the rear-end of La Raza. Where is this surge of Hispanics coming from? You and I both know it’s not through the front door of legal immigration and now there is a Senate bill that will fund The National Council of La Raza through one of their lending arms called the Raza Development Fund. And that’s being funded to the tune of 5 million dollars for this year and starting in 2008 it will be 10 million dollars per year until 2010. In comparison, the department of Homeland Security only allocates 5 million dollars a year to its 287g training for the entire country to help local law enforcement enforce immigration laws. (Which of course is not their job.)

The bill is titled Senate Bill 1923 and has been sitting on the desk of Christopher Dodd and in the Senate calendar since August. It contains the exact text of House Resolution 1999 and it has not yet been voted on. I suspect their a little bit afraid to have it brought up. (Maybe they’re afraid they’ll be assassinated by Frank Jorge or someone who mindlessly listens to his hate speeches.)It is referred to as the Housing Assistance Authorization Act of 2007 and the Raza Development Fund is only one of three housing development assistance groups which will cost tax payers 75 million dollars between 2008 and 2012 according to an August GAO report. This is how the Raza development fund describes themselves on their website: “We create an innovative social venture fund in response to the increasing need for social investment in Latino communities. We provide operating grants for housing counseling services in emerging Latino communities and redevelopment grants for first time home ownership development for Latino families in targeted areas. In addition they seek to increase individual family wealth and the amount of capital assets controlled by Latino institutions.” Now let me ask you this, is it not discriminating to allocate funding for housing, especially federal funding when it benefits only one race? (Man says “No.” Is he saying it’s not discriminatory? – No it is not racist to help minorities out of poverty. This is the same crowd that thinks Affirmative Action is discriminatory.)

The fair housing act, Title VIII of the civil Rights Act of 1968 prohibited discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing housing based on race, color, religion, or national origin. (I think this was to protect minorities, not white people who were still upset about having to drink out of fountains with African-Americans. Have these people ever heard of the United Negro college Fund? Are they discriminatory too?) Sorry (Her papers keep blowing around. Act of God?) Very hard to turn these pages up here. Sorry. They’re blatantly extending their hand for money from American tax payers with the intent to only benefit Latinos. Excuse me, but this is racist. (Huh?) It violates the civil rights to those who are not Latino. (From crowd “That’s right.”) One-third of the money in the Housing Assistance Authorization Act will only benefit Latinos. That means it is one-third less money that will benefit other needy low income Americans who need affordable housing in deference to Latinos. And how many of those Latinos are not even here legally? (I almost forgot this was about illegal immigration. It just sounded like anti-Hispanic speak. Thanks for pulling on the reigns.) There is a provision in the bill that the money can only be used for person who are here legally, but where’s the oversight? Ok, now make everyone believe that it’ll be used by illegal immigrants with no proof.) Who is checking that the money is not being used for illegal aliens?

The largest segment of low income Hispanics presiding here are illegal aliens. (Where are these facts from?) There are many corporate and government sponsors for La Raza and here are some of them. (So anyone that gives money to help Hispanics should be stopped at all costs. Ok, got it! On with the list.) State Farm, Pepsi, General Motors, Walmart, Bank of America, UPS, MBNA, Miller Beer (emphasized beer, and smiles, as if to say “hey guys, you know beer!), Verizon, Comcast.Ford Motor Company. on and on it goes. Other donors of interest: The Ford Foundation, Fannie May, The Department of Homeland Security donates money to The National Council of La Raza, Department of Health and Human Services, The FDA, US Department of Labor, isn’t that an interesting one? AARP, The US Army and the US Marine Corps, and there are many others this is only a few. It’s a long list of American traitors who are helping to fund the Latino Reconquista of The United States and destroy the culture and heritage of this country as we know it forever. (Which What culture? It’s all borrowed from Europe. And that sounds a little slanderous to me. Where is your proof? At least I back my statements up with actual identifiable quotes, images, etc.) This country does not need more poor people to burden our social service system. (Huh?) The United States is not a lifeboat that everyone deserves to jump into. (Thanks Roy!)We must defend this lifeboat or we will all perish under the crushing weight of too many needy people. We cannot allow politicians like New York governor Elliot Spitzer to devalue American citizenship by bestowing the privilege of having a driver’s license on people who have come here illegally. We cannot allow the traitors in our government to back door amnesty by slipping it into bills in the dark of night. (Ruth sure likes to throw the word traitor around. Considering being a traitor is a punishable offense I consider it worse than being called racist at least as far as slander goes.)We have an off year election coming up. Don’t miss this election, or don’t dismiss this election as unimportant. It’s imperative to put people into office at all levels of government who care about defending this country and its Constitution. Many of these people will continue on in politics at the state and federal level. We need to start sending people the message that we will only support giving our vote to people that respect our laws, our Constitution, and our country. I salute the clerks in New York who are standing up to Governor Spitzer’s outrageous and illegal plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. It’s a wonderful thing to see them standing up against a governor. We need more people like them to stand up and say ‘enough is enough.’ Stand up, be counted, make a difference in your town like Diane Reaves is doing in Lakewood. (applause) Thank you very much for having us here and thank you very much for persisting through all of the trial and tribulations that it took for you to get here. (No ‘God bless America’?)


2 thoughts on “Lakewood, NJ – Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally – Ruth Miller’s Speech”

  1. You wrote,…The National Council of La Raza website explicitly states their name does not mean “The Race,” ….. well, you can pretend black is white or a pig is a dog if you like but , the truth is the truth no matter how much one wishes it wasn’t—it will always be the truth.
    I suggest you go online to one of the translation dictionaries and check for yourself. I know how you must hate to think that Ruth was speaking the truth…god forbid, and I hate to burst your bubble and throw a monkey wrench into your theory but, the good ol’ folks at la Raza didn’t tell you the truth— La Raza means exactly what Ruth said it did—THE RACE!!

    So you tell us—why would any group call themselves “THE RACE” LA = THE & RAZA = RACE unless they were themselves racist???
    And we know they are not calling themselves the race for any other reason than to separate themselves from any other person who isn’t one of “them”.


  2. Racisim is subjective. Think about it. I am not going to dance to any ex slave tune because his great great great grandaddy was a slave. Get over it. I am not the KKK we are the new American Party. We are here and now. No one gets a free ride. Remmember we are all equal. You blacks have lost your honeymoon status as far as I am concerned. Get a job and contribute. I bet that scars you blacks work real work. By the way I hate rap music it sucks.

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