Senate to debate DREAM immigration bill

Senate to debate DREAM immigration bill
McClatchy Newspapers
WASHINGTON | The Senate faces another contentious showdown on immigration today when it considers legislation designed to put thousands of undocumented immigrant students on track to U.S. citizenship.Although far more limited than a comprehensive immigration bill that collapsed in the Senate in late June, the debate on the new measure will probably resurrect the same warring sides from the earlier immigration battle.

Rally for DREAM Act
How much progress the U.S. Senate makes today on the DREAM Act depends on your phone call for a bill that should make it to the finish line.

Each year, the United States misses out on the full potential of 65,000 high school graduates. Because they are undocumented, these young people can only take their careers so far and live in fear of deportation.

The DREAM Act— Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act—offers some undocumented students a chance out of this legal limbo.

DREAM applicants who entered the United States five years prior to the Act’s passage and who were under the age of 16 at the time would be eligible for a six-year conditional residency status. That status would be contingent on graduation from high school and the completion of an associate’s degree or two years of military service.


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