Lakewood, NJ – Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally – Bruce DeCell & Diane Reaves

When speaking of illegal immigration terrorism often comes up in the conversation. This then brings up the Iraq ware which is supposedly part of the “War On Terror.” Now many people are against this war and this country’s president and administration. So I often wonder where do these anti-illegal immigrant groups stand on this. Do they think we’re really fighting a war on terror? Do they believe we are in a legal war? Do they agree with the war?

For those that don’t agree with this war, at least we have something in common. The amount of money we’re sending over there to kill thousands of people, including women, children, and other innocent civilians is insane. All the while so many people here in the United States are angry about illegal immigrants, many of which have done nothing wrong other than cross the border without permission. Many of these people exhibit more American attitude and care more about our brand of democracy than we do. How many Americans take to the streets and protest? As Bruce pointed out – how many vote? There were only 60 at this rally. Of the tens of thousands of people within a forty-five minute radius of Lakewood only 60 showed up. I guarantee if you had a pro-immigrant rally you’d easily see many times more show up in support. And yes, many of them would be illegal immigrants.

If being born in America means you’ve earned being an American then I guess being born rich means you’ve earned that to. And what about being born white in a world dominated by whites? Did I earn that?

Diane Reaves:

WE believe that the legal immigrants that we have derived from and our own legal ancestors have built this nation into what stands before us today. The difference was our ancestors did so legally. (Explain what the laws were then, where your ancestors came from, and how they came here. If I’m not mistaken, Diane is of Italian decent and she may be aware that things were not always so nice for Italians in this country. Now, what were the laws on immigration when your parents came here and what was happening on the US/Mexican border and with migration from Mexico?) They did not steal their way past border lines of our country. They did not steal their way into jobs they were not entitled to. (How do you steal a job?) They did not rent illegally when they were not legally allowed to do so. They did not trample on the American flag or the English language. (Up until this sentence she was just making a point about legality. Now, this sentence gets into hate speech as it suggests that all illegal immigrants trample on the flag and can’t, or won’t, speak English. This is absurd.) They did not demand anything of this nation’s citizens and were given nothing as well. (Now she’s just confused. They were given citizenship. By simply coming to this country even legally applying immigrants are asking for something. They want to stay in, and work in, and eventually be a citizen of the United States just as most illegal immigrants do.) They were proud to be here – proud to become American, proud to speak English, the language of the land of the United States of America. (The crowd applauds and a man says “that’s right”.) (First of all has she asked every immigrant ever to come to the United States if they were proud of being here? I’d imagine many refugees would rather be in their home country, but the idea of doing so dead didn’t seem too tantalizing. Also, the United States has no official language. English is only accepted by all as such, but not by law.)

They never demanded that teachers, for instance, learn to speak Spa- (she wants to say Spanish, but stops herself.) their native tongue, which is being done today. (With all the problems with this world and the warring terror machine that is the Bush administration is this really our biggest problem? Who cares about immigration law if there’s no world left to live in?) They assimilated because of their great love of this nation and the citizens that were here before they were. (This is absurd glory of the past flower speech. Did the slaves have a great love for the citizens that were here before them, or the Italians that were persecuted and lynched? No, everybody that came here did not do so because of a “great love” of America. These type of comments serve a hate speech in that they claim the current immigrants exhibit none of these traits. And yes, she’s talking about Hispanics.)

I am honored to present our next speaker; a gentleman who has endured a great deal, a gentleman who even though he has personally been so effected by this fight he’s still out their trying to convince our leaders that they must secure our borders. Bruce is a member of the 9/11 Families For A Secure America. He is a retired New York City police officer and the father-in-law of Mark Petrocelli, age 28, who was on the 92nd floor of the World Trade North Tower on 9/11. I give you Bruce DeCell please welcome him.

Bruce DeCell:

Thank you very much. I know this has a very difficult rally to get (there’s heavy wind making it hard to hear this part.) this has been very difficult rally to get organized. I want to say thank you very much to all the law enforcement people that are here. Really feel safe. Thank you. (audience applauds)

I have to say of the demonstrations where the police where the police protection was not of the standard I see here today I’m very grateful for it. Thank you very much.

Thank you every, you people that are here today, thank you very much for coming. Obviously you all are very aware of our illegal immigration problem that we have in our country. I have some packages over there with the documents in it that I wish everybody would avail themselves of because (someone yells “speak closer to the microphone) I would like you to avail yourselves of some documents that I have over there. It’ll be able, there are a couple of newspaper articles that I copied that explain the problem, the impact of it and there also is a toolkit in the package I provided that can assist you in the effort to rid our problem of illegal immigration. It actually was a packet that we obtained by accident from La Raza and we used it as a template to advise you how to go forward in stemming this flow. (by accident?) The problem is immense. The speakers before me were very eloquent, they said. They talked about 287(g) which is a stop gap measure at best, but it’s something that needs to be put in place. Our government only has like 5,000 ICE agents so if we don’t use the other police that we have throughout the country to assist the federal agencies in going after 600,000 absconders or felons that are documented that we know of. That’s not even counting the people that we don’t know. Those that predicate felons, sex offenders, murderers, rapists, people that have been ordered to be deported. 600,000 people. That number has doubled all since 9/11. It was half that number on 9/11. So the problem is immense. It’s not only the people that are walking across the border from Mexico and Canada (So let’s get started on the US/Canadian fence too.), but anybody that boards an airliner. Once they get out of the airport they’re here, that’s it. There’s nobody looking for them. They’re playing their game of hide and seek. They’re hiding in plain site and nobody’s seeking them. (I’m not sure what he’s talking about. We don’t have Customs? Every time I fly I have to go through security and prove my identity.) So, in an age where we’re fighting a war on terror, we have men and women, brave people, wonderful people overseas fighting Islamic terrorism. (audience applauds) (Though our soldiers are wonderful and brave they are not fighting against terrorism. They are fighting Bush’s war for the control of oil and they’re being made fools of by a private “security” firm paid for by tax dollars running around by order of this government. This is what these groups should be protesting. They complain about the money spent on social services while we’re spending billions to kill people, and create anti-American sentiment, overseas.) Our seaports, our airports are open, anybody can come here and there’s nobody looking for them. We have to make our voices heard in a more unified manner and get in touch with our elected officials. Democracy is not a spectator sport. We have to get involved. Just going to the polls and voting is like, at least 40 or 50 percent of the people don’t vote and those of us that do vote, that’s not the end of our duty because we’re really losing our country. We have to fight for it. (applause) Too many people before us have fought for our country and died for us to give up so easy to let it be taken away from us. So, I did have a prepared speech, but you know the other people said almost everything I was going to say. All I can say to you is try to get other people involved. As much as you can speak to them and like I said the packages I have available are very informative and you can educate yourselves so that when you do speak to people and they try to give you resistance about why they don’t think it’s important that they should be sitting here with you, you can tell them that it’s their job to get involved and try to hold on to their country. Thank you. (Yes, it is our job and what we’re trying to hold onto is the good of America not the lie spreading hate speech of these rallies. If someone doesn’t agree with your views it is not your duty to refuse to accept their differences.)

Diane Reaves:

Thank you Bruce.

Believing and obeying our laws and expecting all others to doesn’t make us racist as we have been labeled. (No, stating lies about another groups of people to accelerate your agenda does. Nobody is calling you a racist because you believe in law and order. This is a ridiculous statement. Examples of racist and non-racist statements. Racist = “Mexicans are a bunch of dirty murderers.”, Non-Racist “Murdering another human being is wrong and should not go unpunished.”) It makes us lovers of America. (The laws of this country have nothing to do with loving it. The laws did not create this nation they are merely in place to mitigate lawlessness and anarchy. In fact many laws have been changed since the beginning of this country, but by Diane’s logic we should never have changed any laws. This “love of law” is preached by most of these people yet they want to amend the constitution so that those born in the United States will no longer be citizens unless their parents are.) It’s time that we deport. It’s time we deport all those among us who want to remain here illegally riding the gravy train at a cost to all legal taxpaying citizens of America. (I’m sorry, but many illegal immigrants do pay taxes.) America is not up for grabs. (applause) Americans are not sending out – we’re not sending out our men and women, our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives all over the planet to protect other borders just so that our own borders can be trampled on and desecrated. (applause) (No, I believe they walk across the border quickly, and spend very little time trampling on or desecrating it. This is also a method for motivating the crowd to hatred. “They trample on and desecrate or borders.” To these people it’s like saying “They trample on and desecrate our children.” Again, this is ridiculous.)


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