Boycott Miller Beer? Why Not Just Stop Drinking All Together?

This photo, of a woman holding up a Miller Beer can, from the Fire Coalition’s “Hold Their Feet To The Fire” event back in April just goes to show how these people think. First of all, did they have to buy that beer to boycott it? (And what happened to that beer after the picture was taken. Did they just toss it in the garbage?) Sounds like a strange way to boycott. I think everyone is familiar with Miller and a picture of a can is unnecessary.

Why don’t they just tell people not to drink? What good does alcohol do anyway? If they’re drunk on Coors (see The Heritage Foundation’s founder) or Budweiser is it going to make a difference when one of their children or family members needs to be driven to the hospital and they can’t help because they’re drunk? What if some militia member finds a Mexican flag flying on a business and he needs help to harass the owner and pull down the flag? If his buddies are all “over the limit” they won’t be able to help him and if they get do a ride they may be charged with drunk and disorderly conduct. Classy!

How great of an example does it set for your children when you’re drinking at all? Do the anti-illegal immigrant ralliest condone drunkenness as long as you choose the right beer? In their mightier than though, all laws are sacred, mentality maybe they remember something called prohibition. Why is that law now gone? Maybe laws aren’t so sacred after all.

I think it’s rather humerus that Coors and Miller are now joined together and Coors was hugely responsible for the seed funding for The Heritage Foundation. I guess they won’t be giving any more money to these causes now as The Heritage Foundation is wholly against illegal immigration too. Don’t worry guys. Drink all you want, they’ll brew more.


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