I’m Featured On The Brand New Blog “Hate Monitor” – Huh?

I’m featured on a brand new blog called “Hate Monitor.” (I believe it was started by Ruth Miller, though I can’t prove it.) This is a hilarious attempt by anti-illegal immigrant hate groups to spin this word back at me. I’m actually flattered because after only a few months of blogging I’m already having an effect on them. I don’t think these people ever thought anyone would pay them any mind which actually speaks to the fact that they’ve felt so free to pass lies and baseless accusations against whole groups of people.

In the spirit of the worst of these anti-illegal immigrant ralliest they’ve posted accusations about me with no proof. Whereas I’ll at least quote, cite, and/or provide links to how I’ve come by my opinions. That’s too much for these groups because the facts are not what move their hate speeches. The only fact they can truly embrace is the number of illegal immigrants in the United States and the fact that these people are here illegally. After that number is stated, and the law is mentioned, they begin with the “all illegal immigrants are rapists and murderers” and “if we don’t do something now there will be no country left for our children.” This sentiment has come up many times in our past. It was used against Irish Catholics, against Asians (Asians were said to be costing Americans jobs because they would work for less) , and of course Africans brought over as slaves. Many like to learn from the past, but these people choose to ignore it.

The signs of America’s ethnic diversity can be discerned across the continent . . . Chinatown, Harlem, South Boston, the Lower East Side, places with Spanish names like Los Angeles and San Antonio or Indian names like Massachusetts and Iowa. Much of what is familiar in America’s cultural landscape actually has ethnic origins. The Bing cherry was developed by an early Chinese immigrant named Ah Bing. . . . The “Forty-Niners” of the Gold Rush learned mining techniques from the Mexicans; American cowboys acquired their herding skills from Mexican vaqueros and adopted their range terms — such as lariat from la reata, lasso from lazo, and stampede from estampida. Songs like “God Bless America,” “Easter Parade,” and “White Christmas” were written by a Russian-Jewish immigrant named Israel Baline, more popularly known as Irving Berlin.

While immigrants have certainly left their cultural mark on American society, for most people, the issue comes down to dollars and cents. Let’s take a look at specific complaints that have been made against immigrants. Again, research and statistics can always support both sides of the story, depending on how you use them. (this is an interesting article – click above to read it in it’s entirety.)

Here’s the post from Hate Monitor and no I do not go by rusty charlie. I have but one monikor – symsess. This post states I “drip hatred and acrimony for his fellow man.” No, I drip truth and actually quoted evidence about people that choose to exhibit hatred against their fellow man. I don’t hate any one of these people. I have no problem with the people, I just have a problem with their actions and words.

Charles Symsess AmericanHumanity – wordpress blogspot

aliases – goes by the username “symsess” on youtube and in comments posted on other people’s blogs – usually hateful and accusatory – based on limited information. Another “alias” he uses is “rusty charlie” (Asbury Park Press forum) One man jury who thinks he is better than all of us and “more humane” than most – when his posts drip hatred and acrimony for his fellow man, because he thinks he is somehow a kinder, gentler human being than many of us and anyone who does not like illegal immigration must be a racist – especially if they are white. Worships at the altar of the Southern Poverty Law Center who publishes their own list of “hate groups” which does not include such groups as La Voz de Aztlan or MeCHA or Mexica Movement on their list. Any visit to those sites clearly shows they are indeed HATE groups, yet SPLC doesn’t see fit to list them.. racism? I think so!

Posted by Sirius Gurl at 3:36 PM

Labels she used for the post: bigotry, Charless Symsess, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, eye on hate, hate, one people’s project, racism

Bigotry? Nice.  The flowerly language of Sirius Gurl’s post shows her quite keen fiction writing abilities.  She uses nice visuals to really get her audience interested, stating “Worships at the alter of the Southern Poverty Law Center.”  You’re good.  Send me your next short story, I’d love to read it.  The next one, though, should be about a bearded man ripping a Mexican flag off another man’s business because it’s flying atop the American flag (gasp!).  You can call it “American Vigilante – the New Police.”

So Sirius Gurl, if you want to take the time to “investigate” me then let me know where I’ve stated I’m better than you, that all anti-illegal immigrants are racists (that’s a ridiculous accusation), or where I’ve stated anything based on limited information.  If you truly want to “expose” me this shouldn’t pose a problem.


2 thoughts on “I’m Featured On The Brand New Blog “Hate Monitor” – Huh?”

  1. You may not be “rusty charlie”, but i am! What a rush! I was googling around for something and found this. sirius girl has sirius issues. don’cha jus’ love how people on the “interwebs” think they can determine who’s who? a regular jessica fletcher, she is…

  2. I think that sirius girl is actually from VOPUSA, but I can’t be sure. I guess I’m everyone on the internet that has some form of charles in their user name.

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