Post From Blue Jersey About Diane Reaves – Emcee and Facilitator of The Americans Together Secure Our Borders Rally

You can call it getting too personal, being mean, or whatever, but it is important to understand where the people are coming from that are pushing anti-illegal immigrant agendas. (or anti-immigrant agendas as anyone that references Numbers USA, as many of these groups do, are really calling for anti-immigration laws and not just the deportation of the current illegal immigrant population.)

If these groups could simply get their facts together about illegal immigration in regard to why it happens, the law, how to stop it, and similar non-race specific talking points it wouldn’t be necessary to dig deeper into what these people actually stand for. Digging deeper into who these people are and what their agendas are is no different than finding out that Dick Cheney has connection to Halliburton and our government was giving them bid free contracts to make tons of money in Iraq. We try to find out why because it’s important.

If a white supremacist group was going to have an anti-immigrant rally would anyone not for white supremacy attend? Probably not because the group is a white supremacist group and most people don’t agree with their views. Therefore if a person that does, on some level, condone hate speech and making accusations against a whole group of people is having a rally people need to know about that person. The difference, however, between a white supremacist group and many of these anti-illegal immigrant groups is that you know where the white supremacists stand and they don’t hide their feelings. They’ll just say racist things and they don’t care who reads them. Storm Front even keeps their message boards completely open to any reader, without registration, while many other sites, like Illegal Protest, do not allow people to view their message boards unless you’re “one of them.” This is because hidden in those boards are their true feelings and terrible comments.

Post from Blue Jersey about Diane Reaves. (I can’t attest to the accuracy of this blog post, but from Diane’s speeches I’ve transcribed thus far she does seem to be a bit confused about things. What she is not confused about are all the hot button phrases used by the anti-illegal immigrants like: All illegal-immigrants hate America and refuse to speak the language.


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