The Anti-Immigrant Actions Are Creeping In

In an example of things to come as soon as a company is found to have illegal immigrants in their employ they are immediately removed from contractual work. Was time given to deal with this issue or did the state simply yank the contract with no warning? If the latter is true then companies are going to refuse to hire recent immigrants for fear they are not here legally even if they have documents to prove they are.

Mo. Governor Sued in Immigration Case
By DAVID A. LIEB – 13 hours ago

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A state janitorial contractor that was fired over allegations it employed illegal immigrants sued the state Thursday, accusing Gov. Matt Blunt of racial discrimination and abuse of power.

Blunt called the lawsuit “ludicrous” and defended his decision to cancel the contract of Sam’s Janitorial Services and bar the company from state work.

About 25 company employees were arrested in a March 6 sting at a Jefferson City state office building by federal and state law enforcement officers, according to the lawsuit.

The owner of Sam’s Janitorial, K. Asamoah-Boadu, claims Blunt exceeded his gubernatorial powers when he terminated the contract and disqualified the company from future state work. Asamoah-Boadu wants nine canceled contracts reinstated, the company’s ban from state work reversed and an unspecified amount of money for damages, according to the lawsuit filed in Cole County Circuit Court.

According to this article the state approved all these workers, but as soon as ICE came in arrested 25 of his employees the state cancelled the contract. So how does a company avoid this type of contract loss? They just don’t hire anyone that looks or speaks like a recent immigrant.

The state “approved each and every employee,” the lawsuit says, and did not notify him of any problems with the proposed workers.


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