Editorial on Fred Thomson’s Immigration Plans

Migrant Mexican workers have been a part of American farming for many years.. To intimate that we should drive all these people out of the country in one quick wave is ridiculous and irresponsible. There are currently crops rotting in the fields because of all the crackdowns in the country. I know the anti-immigrant ralliest think we can harvest our own crops, but when did we actually do this? Maybe they should read about the Bracero program and other methods through which we secured our ability to grow our own food. I believe this country is called the bread basket of the world and I’d imagine that self reliance by way of being able to grow our own food is important. Well, if we want to make sure we still have bread in our collective baskets these anti-illegal immigrants better wake up to reality.

Editorial about Fred Thomson’s Immigration Plans

Red meat for the fearful – Full Editorial
Mr. Thompson would also take federal money away from so-called “sanctuary cities” where law enforcement officers refuse to involve themselves in immigration matters. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has a punitive immigration plan of his own, at least knows that sanctuary cities like New York cannot pursue illegal immigrants if they want them to report crimes or seek medical treatment. Punishing these cities, as both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Romney suggest, is no solution to illegal immigration, just a bid to scapegoat immigrants, and the major cities that harbor many of them, to ratchet up the hatred of minorities that fuels many voters.

Red meat for the fearful


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