Opposing illegal immigration – without ‘hate’?

I wanted to link to this site’s post about the illegal immigration opposition and their desire to quite often use hate to motivate crowds. Joe Budzinski, who is against illegal immigration, seems to understand that using hate group tactics is a big problem for the anti-illegal immigrant movement. I’ll say I have to agree as this is what this blog is about. I don’t believe in open borders, but I refuse to listen to the anti-immigrant ralliest without giving a response.

Opposing illegal immigration – without ‘hate’? – Full Post
June 12, 2006
Bottom line: The commenter, Zimzo, makes a case that ‘the rhetoric of anti-immigration groups does share characteristics with the the rhetoric of racist groups’ and also implies there is more to it than rhetoric. He says it’s really a matter of narrow-minded thinking. Hate.

He discounts my contention that illegal immigration has a negative effect on American communities and questions the factual basis of my argument. He goes on to say my arguments – and by extension those of anyone else who opposes illegal immigration – derive from a Republican effort to distract attention from the Iraq war.

If anyone is so inclined, it would be nice to get some input in Comments on the following topics brought up in this thread:

* Is it possible to be ‘anti-illegal’ and not be racist? Don’t Help Save Herndon, the Minutemen and others use the same language as the white supremecists?
* Is the ‘Reconquista’ ideology something we should even pay attention to?
* Is this whole idea of overcrowded houses, zoning violations, and degraded schools a reality, or is it just a myth? Does anyone have any evidence?
* Those people on the border who express ‘extremist’ views about illegal immigrants who may be criminals: Are they crazy?
* The numbers of people coming across our southern border are negligable, right? Just the occasional peasant family seeking a better life?
* Any comments on other topics brought up in the messages below?


8 thoughts on “Opposing illegal immigration – without ‘hate’?”

  1. How does anyone who is ‘opposed’ to the illegal invation feel hatred or become a racist?

    WOW, talk about putting words in some body’s mouth….Speak for thy self…!!!

    I am very much against at least 70% who are the leeches in the country, but do not hate them, simply wish they were gone to take the heavy burden of paying $ 466 Billion $$$$$ a year for the leeches that wont work, and are here only because of the “FREEBIES” offered by our most generous Congress.

    Funny, but being forced to pay for some un-invited persons is not hate, but more of a “pay your own way” attitude….

    Those who say opposition to illegals is racist and hate, myself, I say it is not the attitude of most, again, we simply want them to go home and let their own Govt. pay for them……do not force us , we have our own children.

  2. You should read a little closer. The idea here is to promote discussion without hate as it is possible. No, not every person opposed to illegal immigration is racist. However, many anti-illegal immigration ralliest will use hate tactics in their rhetoric. You did it in your post when you called these human beings “leeches.” That word is meant to conjure up hatred and to demonize other people.

  3. Symsess: Look, there are approx. 18-30 million illegals in this country.
    Fact # 2 .Only 32% of these illegals are working.

    How do the others live? They live off of the near $500,000 Billion dollars we spend in supporting them each year.

    American Congress has forced us to pay for their free school breakfasts, lunches, Free medical,free food stamps. free Social Security checks that our ever so gracious congress also bestowed on them, along with HUD federal housing, etc. etc. ….

    Now, if only 32% are gainly employed , who is paying for the other 68% ?

    Let me tell you, you and the rest of us are …!!!
    Let me say that we did not invite them, nor did we agree to support them, nor allow them to bankrupt 44 medical facilities in the south, we were never asked anything in regards to them invading us.

    Now, being fed up with this entire situation, we demand that they all go home….take this heavy burden off of our backs.

    Those that are here receving welfare checks, free food stamps, live in a newer refurbished home, probably ten times more posh than yours…this is paid by our Gov.

    IT IS PAID TO THESE “LEECHES” who have no desire to work, because life is way to sweet here at our expense….

    So, I ask you to look up the word LEECH in the English dictionary and you will find its description as : “one who hangs on for their wellness or as a parasite who hangs on for personal gain….

    So, missy, I still call them leeches, as the word describes them, and if you prefer to take this as an offensive word, which you should , then fine, but do not say that calling a spade is wrong for calling a spade a spade….live with it..!!!!

    None of us has to think the silly way, we think you do….

  4. United States illegal immigrant Issues
    The problem with immigration originates in the hierarchy of needs that the common human being has. This November, like any November, most Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving, which to my knowledge is the commemoration of a memoir in which a warm welcoming hand was extended to the early European immigrants. Every site that I have visited, for reasons concerning the 1820’s huge immigration movement, led me to a conclusion about why it is that today there are so many illegal immigrants in United States of America. In 1820, immigrants from Europe were trying to find a better life with a higher economical status, and of course, to live in the land of freedom. In essence, there are two main reasons why there was no need or reason to stop immigrants from entering the United States in 1820. The first and most important reason was that America had a small percent of its area covered by native population; in other words, it was free to exploit, without boundaries, in which any one could call you an illegal. The second reason was that even if there were boundaries, which there were to a small extent, there were more immigrants than actual Native Americans. The motive to why I brought to attention such historical events is that the reasons why immigrants today are coming to live here in the United States are the same reasons why immigrants came to America in 1820s. Today America is already over populated in contrast to 1820. Immigrants from Mexico want to have a better life style and want to live in a country were freedom and opportunity of wealth is possible.
    Where do illegal immigrants work? Many sites claim that about 13% of America’s workforce is owned by illegal immigrants and roughly 30% of unskilled jobs are held by illegal immigrants. What does that mean? Some politicians and economists scream to say that Americans do not want to work in those ‘lower end jobs’ because they pay very little, and the risk factors are too high in contrast to the low salary. Those bold men also scream that if the job would pay about 40 dollars an hour, any normal American would be willing to work in such risky environments. They are bold because it is ridiculous to ask for 40 dollars an hour in minimum wage jobs, especially if it is an unskilled job. Other economists says that the reason why minimum wage jobs pay so little is because there are so many people willing to work and there is a limited quantity of jobs, and in addition, illegal immigrants are willing to work for a substantial amount of money yielding a salary that is too small. Why would you want to go to school and work very hard to only win $10 more than, let’s say, working in Jack in the Box? That is ridiculous, because Americans should be aiming for a better America where everyone can use education as a pathway to a superior lifestyle. There is no easy answer to why minimum wage jobs yield such salaries, so it is highly unlikely that getting rid of illegal immigrants will magically fix the economical status of all low income individuals.
    Why do I invoke where illegal immigrants work? I want to present evidence of their contribution to America. Most Illegal immigrants that work in organizations (like in farms and warehouses) end up paying taxes without them even knowing. A lot of taxes are directly taken out of their pay checks, and since most of them use stolen or fake social security numbers they are not able to get any of the benefits a normal U.S. citizen can get from their social security. The notion of illegal immigrants coming here to leech Americans is horrendous, especially when immigrants are so driven to succeed and make such great impacts in the workforce. Many of the sites that I visited on illegal immigrant taxes mention that illegal immigrants actually have the right to get special numbers to be able to file taxes. To my own surprise about 65 percent of illegal immigrants file those documents because they want to “play by America’s rules,” to be able to become citizens some day. In conclusion, illegal immigrants contribute to Medicare, Social Security, and IRS.
    What benefits do they leech from? Many of the benefits, that today, many Americans believe illegal immigrants are draining, are simply myths; since 1996 illegal immigrants have been restricted to only two benefits: emergency Medicare and education (K-12). The only two benefits they embrace cannot even add up to the amount in social security and Medicare that illegal immigrants contribute to. It is a joke to complain about 60 million dollars for emergency Medicare when illegal immigrants make 7 billion a year through their labor efforts.
    The government wants to deprive illegal immigrants of their rights to emergency Medicare. The issue is that the government wants to keep winning from illegal immigrants without giving back anything. Who is the real leech? Yes, there is a value behind determining what an emergency is, but I do not think that non-health related officials should be the ones that determine the definition of the word. And, even if there was an issue with the definition to encompass the health of any individual, it should be global; it should include all citizens and non-citizens. Can definitions be used as an excuse to save a couple of dollars? Why are those definitions so open to interpretation? Is it a scheme played by economists to be able to pull money out when the timing is convenient? Why would one of the greatest nations of the world jeopardize the health of human beings?
    I fear that this dilemma with “emergency” is not a matter of health for the non-health officials trying to establish these obstacles. Apparently health is not their main concern. It is a shame that as a country we can spend billions of dollars in war in less than a year but we try to abolish the expenditure of that same amount in health care over a period of five years. It’s sad how whenever the money is needed, it is the poor that have to pay for it. This is another law that favors the rich that just gets richer, and puts a cap on the poor to keep them

  5. If the cost for illegal immigrants is so miniscule why do we send billions of dollars to the border states for emergency care for the illegals? Have you looked at our schools, the over crowding the added expense of children who do not speak english,there is much more to this whole immigrant issue that meets the eye.
    As I listen to the news tonight once again the medicare issue is there again, how medicare sercvices will have to be cut. I have paid for these services most of my working life with the belieg that it would be there for me and all the other tax paying citizens of this country. If you follow these issues the elected officials of this country manage to take from the funds that the working men and women of this country have paid for all of their working life along with the many other taxes we pay and now that we have to depend on them they may not be there. Everyone seems to have forgotten that we do have immigration laws they are not broken they simply have not been enforced and guess by whom out elected officials.

  6. Our money is being spent in the name of “liberating” Iraq. Why do people forget about all that money when speaking of undocumented migrants?

  7. You once again made the point that most anti-illegal-immigration people are racists.

    I mean, how is calling another human being a “leech” supposed to sound like?

    Also, on a side point, the myth about illegal immigrants not working and being here to enjoy our world-famous social services is just that: a myth.

    Just like the nonsense about illegal immigrants not paying taxes. Anyone should be so lucky. You can’t escape the tax man. Even if you somehow managed to escape direct taxation, you’ll be hit by indirect taxation on everything, including lodging.

    All credible studies show that immigrants contribute more than they take from the State, but somehow, it becomes a “fact” for people who are motivated by skin color and prejudice, to ignore that fact and claim an imaginary “burden” (the White Man’s burden maybe..?) on “taxpayers” (again as if immigrants weren’t paying taxes).

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