Sanctuary group backs Phoenix police immigrant policy

I don’t believe that it’s in the best interest of a town for their police force to go around enforcing immigration law. If a person has committed a crime which warrants jail time then their immigration status should be checked, but other than that it is asking too much of already overtaxed officers. A police officer’s job is to protect us from those committing horrible crimes, not those whose only crime is being undocumented – that’s the federal government’s job.

Sanctuary group backs Phoenix police immigrant policy – Full Story
Monday, October 29, 2007 – 11:30 AM MST
A group that supports sanctuary and amnesty for illegal immigrants is backing Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris on the issue of whether local police should enforce immigration laws.

The New Sanctuary Movement — which has the backing of labor unions and liberal religious groups — has written Harris endorsing the Phoenix Police Department’s approach to immigration, which does not focus on immigration laws and the immigration status of those officers are dealing with.

Harris and the city have come under fire for those policies from those who favor tougher enforcement. Critics also claim that makes Phoenix a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. The New Sanctuary Movement favors amnesty and sanctuary for many undocumented immigrants, especially those who may be fleeing persecution.


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