In Debate, Immigration Is Fodder for Clinton Rivals

As the candidates scramble for support they can’t help but deal with the issue of immigration. Hilary Clinton seems to have a hard time deciding where she stands.

In Debate, Immigration Is Fodder for Clinton Rivals – Full Story
In Debate, Immigration Is Fodder for Clinton Rivals
Published: November 1, 2007
The senator’s opponents accused her of trying to have it both ways on the issue of licenses for illegal immigrants.

The story states about Clinton:

Until Tuesday’s debate, Mrs. Clinton had not had to confront the immigration issue so starkly. Her adopted state of New York has a long history of dealing with immigration issues, and Mrs. Clinton has heavily courted the immigrant groups that are central to its population mix.

However, Obama and Edwards where more clear on the topic.

Two of Mrs. Clinton’s opponents, Senator Barack Obama and John Edwards, support granting licenses to illegal immigrants, although Mr. Edwards has problems with elements of Mr. Spitzer’s proposal.

Of course Giuliani, Mr. 9/11, had something to say about Clinton’s flip flop, but he should start looking in the mirror a little closer.

“I know there are some politicians like Hillary,” Rudolph W. Giuliani told the conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck. “They say different things to different people. They use different accents in different parts of the country. I’m used to that about her now. I had never seen it happen all in one place, in one minute.”

Mr. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and formerly a champion of the rights of illegal immigrants, had himself previously defended an executive order that instructed city agencies not to ask the immigration status of any person.


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