Illegal Immigrant License Debate Heats Up

I have no problem with issuing licenses to illegal immigrants. I don’t know how anyone could think that pulling these people out of the shadows is a bad thing. As Chung-Wha Hong says in the above video as soon as somebody comes up with a plan to deport the 12 million (or 30 million if you believe You Don’t Speak For Me, C4ICE, and others) illegal immigrants I’d like to see it.

Illegal Immigrant License Debate Heats Up
(CBS) This story was written by political reporter Brian Montopoli.
The question of whether or not illegal immigrants should have access to driver’s licenses has stayed under the radar for most of the 2008 presidential campaign.

But that changed Tuesday night, when Sen. Hillary Clinton made vague comments at a Democratic presidential debate about whether or not she supports New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer’s driver’s license proposal. Clinton’s rivals quickly criticized her for what they characterized as a refusal to take a position on the issue.

Videos on the licensing debate in New York.
Fight Over Licensing Illegals – Video on CBS

Chung-Wha Hong of the New York Immigration Coalition speaks with Byron Pitts about why our nation would be safer if immigrants had driver’s licenses. – Video


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