Day Without An Illegal Immigrant Part 2

Articles like this get my goat because they are not based in reality. Dr. Michael Vickers states in the article:

“I would say our country would survive without the presence of these folks,” added Vickers. “It would be a situation where these people would not be exploited and on top of that more jobs for Americans.”

Though it may be true that our economy won’t hurt what isn’t true is that Americans will take these jobs. Why has the agriculture industry been reliant on migrant workers for the majority of this country’s existence. I really cannot fathom where many of these anti-immigrants get their reality from. They seem to be so dead set against immigrants that they cannot accept the fact that they do play a big role in this countries existence. While I’d love to live in a world where everyone has plenty, and all economies carry the same weight and value, the reality is a migrant worker can work for less because our money is worth more back home. I realize I’m getting into the differences between a migrant “legal” worker and an “illegal” worker, but the two are rarely spoken of as separate in the illegal immigration debates. Regardless, if we refuse to let migrant workers in then the big companies will simply continue moving all their factories onto foreign soil. The sad thing is we’ll let them do it, and actually encourage it, due to our insatiable appetite for cheap goods.

So will there be more jobs for Americans without these immigrants? I say no. Especially not in the long term.

Day Without An Illegal Immigrant Part 2 – Full post and video
(November 2, 2007)

Illegal immigration is a hot topic on the United States, and there is a big push to have the estimated 12 million illegals deported. While critics support this idea, others say the U.S. economy relies on the work of illegal immigrants and it could have a big impact, if we didn’t have that workforce.

The Texas Border Volunteers work to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the U.S. Mexico border in Brooks county. While many say illegals do the job americans won’t do, these folks disagree.

“They’re actually taking jobs Americans can do high school students working in hotels and restaurants so that business of doing jobs Americans won’t do is a lot of bunk,” said Linda Vickers, a member of hte Texas Border Volunteers.


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