Phony story masks real hate – California Wild Fires Blamed on Hispanics

If tragedies like this aren’t being blamed on Al Qaeda then they’re being blamed on Hispanics apparently. The racial hatred in this country still runs deep and it’s time that we started to get over this insane bigotry. If people don’t start getting their heads together and realizing that many anti-immigrants are waiting for the “first shot to be fired” it’s going to be too late.

Spend a few minutes surfing on right-wing Web sites and you will find numerous variations on a theme: that the influx of Mexican immigrants is an organized movement, an invasion to usurp the sovereignty of the United States. That groups like MEChA and the National Council of La Raza are the agents of this plot.

Some conspiracy theories would be comical if they weren’t so menacing.

Many anti-immigrant groups claim they merely want to “defend America,” but they’re really looking for all out civil war – one that places those that support immigrants against those that don’t. This is said in speeches (see Frank Jorge), it’s said in blogs (just research it on google it), and it’s said in the secret vaults of anti-immigrant message boards.

Phony story masks real hate – Full story

The Southern California wildfires were just too alluring for the wackos bent on demonizing Latinos.

All the elements for conspiracy were there ā€” innocent victims, massive destruction and no clear culprit. Perfect.

So some jokester jerry-rigged a bogus version of a news Web page and sent it off into the vast reaches of the Internet. The made up headline ā€” “Separatists claim responsibility for California Wildfires” ā€” was posted on a site that looked seriously like

Listed in a “Story Highlights” sidebar were these items: Mexican separatists claim California stolen from Mexico; Blaze was started with simple Molotov cocktails; FBI, ATF, local fire and law officials investigating; Gov. Schwarzenegger: this is “an unforgivable act of inhumanity.”


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